The Cars Of Bob Lutz: A Gallery Of Winners And Losers

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
the cars of bob lutz a gallery of winners and losers

(My favorite Lutz photo: with a 1966 Opel Kadett he just rolled at the test track)

The world would have been a lot duller without Bob Lutz, on many levels. And although it’s easy to poke fun at his endless malapropisms, as well as the more than ample mistakes in his long career, his gut instinct for cars that look good and are exciting to drive make quite the collection. The following cars are vehicles that Lutz had some degree of involvement with, allegedly, or well documented. If I’ve missed something significant, let me know, and I’ll add it.

Opel GT 1968

BMW 3 Series E21 1975

BMW 6 Series 1976

Ford Sierra 1981

Merkur XR4Ti 1985

Ford Explorer 1990

Dodge Viper 1992

Dodge Intrepid 1993

Dodge Neon 1995

Plymouth Prowler 1997

Note: GM cars not complete or chronological

Pontiac Solstice

Buick Enclave


Pontiac GTO

Pontiac G8


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