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Brazil’s Chrysler is launching a special edition called the Decade Edition. Love the little retro wagon? Well come on down to Brazil, where for the cool little sum of $69,990 Brazilian reais (at 1.8 reais to the dollar, around USD$38,000) you can get your fix!

According to Brazil’s best known car rag, Quatro Rodas, for that tiny wee of money you’ll get a special logo glued on to the back lift gate with the saying, “Decade Edition 2000-2010”, not to mention a certificate of authenticity. Wait, there’s more!

You’ll also get specially designed 16 inch alloy wheels. Plus, the super well known (for its thirst) 2.4 engine good for 143hp that’ll get you from naught to 100km/h in a hair over 10 seconds. Give it a little time (and pray for favorable winds) and the thing will take you to a top speed of 171 km/h. Imagine, many puny 1.0L cars will be 5 km/h slower! The mighty mill comes mated to the super exclusive 4 speed auto transmission with sequential gear changes.

Not convinced yet? Chrysler do Brasil will throw in A/C, leather covered seats, power sun roof, radio with CD player and USB port, ABS, double airbags, and a driver’s seat that’s adjustable for height.

What are you waiting for? Haven’t you always dreamed of buying a PT Cruiser for a mere 38K?

Come on down! I’ll write you a note to prove to your wife that your trip was strictly for the car.

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33 Comments on “PT Cruiser Special Brazil Edition: Yours For $38K Only!...”

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    Deja la quejadera. They raped us here in Venezuela about 6 years ago. The price was over that amount.

    Very few were sold. It was better to purchase a locally assembled SUV

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      I thought the government-approved term down-there was “rustic vehicles”? ;O)

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      If we were talking about a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70, yes.

      This would be referred as a luxury car. And with a 2.4lt engine, legal to be imported. But those cars flopped here because of the same reason they’re going to fail in Marcelo’s land

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    Will they sell any?

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    You must have read that wrong. I’m sure they meant that you get THREE PT Cruisers for $38,000. Right?

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    If I recall, a Canadian Mazda dealership was axed for this kind of shameless price-gouging. Perhaps the Brazilian government will enact sanctions against Chrysler Group…please?!

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    For that price, are you sure the dual electrically-heated seats aren’t included? ;O)

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    They should give you guys the cooled seats! Once you have experienced A/C on the boys in the summer, there is no turning back!!

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    Amendment X

    This made me laugh and cry at the same time!!!

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    Does the ‘decade edition’ still come with a plastic fantastic interior made from melted down barbie dolls and army men?

    OK for real WHAT’s going on in brazil’s car market that allows Chrysler to charge $38k for the PT crapper without getting a whack in the bum from low sales volume?

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      Sales are extremely low! Guess they think the Cruiser competes w/ the likes of a VW New Beetle for USD35,500, Fiat Cinquencento (500) for USD$32,700, Smart ForTwo for USD$33,300 or the king of the mountain Mini that goes for a cool USD$50,000.

      I also think these are probably leftovers in Mexico or USA, so they ship them down here, glue said logo, give a certificate and BAM! Call it good.

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      The plastics aren’t the problem. Their coloring and– to a lesser degree– their texture are.

      Grey-tinted off-white was not the best choice, but Chrysler needed to break the monotony of the off-black they’d used in their knockout second-generation renaissance cars of about 1997-2005. The lighter colors are about 1000% more cheerful and feel 10000% less like sitting in a bucket.

      They are, however, quite difficult to keep detailed.

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      What? They recycled Woody and Buzz friends to make a car?

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      “The plastics aren’t the problem.”

      The hell they aren’t. Ok yeah we know that many cars suffer from plastic fantastic syndrome, and modern cars just cant be made with no plastic at all but Jeez Louise man you’d think the quality of the petrochemicals used would at least go up since plasti-crapstastic pioneer Pontiac injection molded them into their f-body interiors (and grand am exteriors) a decade ago. But nope.

      The interior isn’t ‘horrible’ but it is dated and needs to go, especially if they wanna call themselves asking $40k for one.

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    My favorite egregious price is still the 2000 Prowler I saw in a Chrysler showroom. It had the ‘Woodward Edition’ two-tone black/red paint job which had an RPO of $1500. The dealer wanted an additional, cool $100,000 on top of that.

    At first, I thought it was a joke, that someone had snuck in and messed with the mark-up sticker. But it was no joke, they actually had the cajones to ask for that.

    Needless to say, a year later, the car was still on the showroom floor (and the mark-up was down to ‘only’ $38,000 by then).

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    VW New Beetle for USD35,500,
    Fiat Cinquencento (500) for USD$32,700,
    Smart ForTwo for USD$33,300
    Mini that goes for a cool USD$50,000
    PT Cruiser Decade Edition USD$38,000

    They are all overpriced. I don’t see why Chrysler is being made out to be the bad guy by some here when the Smart ForTwo is going for a whopping USD$33,300!

    Marcelo, can you break down the price of the vehicles. How much is the actual cost of the car, taxes, and import tariffs?

    How much is the new Fiat Uno? And is it equipped comparably to the above cars?


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      Yes they’re expensive. I think they’re marketed as luxury items due to their design “uniqueness”

      I’m going to give you further context, an Aveo costs here about US$ 20K, an Optra (Forenza, Nubira, Excelle) goes for about US$ 32K. A Corolla is roughly US$ 40K. Those are “list” prices. The stealerships also put markups, but if they get caught by the government, they’ll have to refund it to the customer.

      On the used market, a new Aveo goes for US$ 29K.

      The Aveo I’m mentioning is the so to say 1st gen one.

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      In this caregory I’m sorry but this is the bad little duckling. All the other cars (except the new Beetle) get slapped w/ a 35% import tarrif. Cars that come from Mexico don’t have to bear that extra cost. So what’s up? Well, Chrysler banking on the avearage consumer’s lack of reference.

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      The new Uno starts at roughly USD$13,0000. If this were a 1st world market I’d say overpriced by at leat 50%. Being in the 3rd world hellhole we’re in, I’d say yeah” Right on!

      Fact is, I’m thinking this (the new Uno) car will be such a hit ’cause among other reasons, but mainly pricing, the new Uno is right on. Right on the price most Brazilians expect to pay.

      It’s gonna kill, kill, kill.

      In America it’d be grossly overpriced. But for Brazil, well, it’s hit the sweet spot.

      Let’s see. I’ll be reporting on it.

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      Ok, I see. Since Mexico has a free trade agreement with Brazil, the PT Cruiser should not have the 35% tariff, and the ridiculous price.
      I’m assuming the VW New Beetle is built in Brazil and it’s priced so high because it’s for the “High Class” people?

      So the Fiat 500 that is going to be build in Mexico should be reasonably priced and Fiat will have two hits in Brazil. It is going to be interesting to see the price of the 500 in the US and Canada versus Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, etc.

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      I’m afraid we’re not going to see both the Uno or the Cinquecento here in Venezuela until the government grants import licenses to the local Fiat distributor.

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      It’s not my problem that your country overcharges such high tariffs for cars. I’m sure Chrysler would love to sell a PT or any car for a lower price as long as they made a profit. Instead of ripping on the PT maybe you should be ripping on political leaders and trade laws? Just a thought.

      By the way, the 2.4 I4 “Chrysler-Mitsubishi-Hyundai World Engine” makes 172 hp @ 6,000 rpm according to If your not burning gas in that thing (ethanol?) than you need to state that. You make it sound like it has less horsepower than it really does.

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      Hello Windswords,

      I’m actually pretty sure that the PT Cruiser runs only on gasoline here. Everytime someone adapts a vehicle to run on ethanol too, a big buzz is created ’cause it’s a strong selling point. No such buzz on any Chrysler car.

      And I’m pretty sure that the site from which I gleamed the info from is accurate as it is a pretty reliable site. I myself was impressed at such bad numbers. Maybe it has to be detuned to run on the fantastic stuff known as Brazilian gasoline (which carries an average of 27% ethanol in every liter, an average yeah, as the government changes the formula every once in a while to suit the sugarcane planters). Like the first PTs we got down here has the 3speed transmission. In the US no more. So it seems everytime they have some overstocked parts they put something together and send it down here.

      As to the political part, you’re right. But it wasn’r really relevant to the post. Nor Chrysler’s situation in particular. Chrysler has abandoned this market twice (in the 70s Lee Iacoca’a retiring from world markets and in the 90s with the whole Daimler thing). To make it here they have to concentrate. And put out something that will resonate and have consequence in the market. For this car that’d be price as they are the weakest brand in the “retro” car market. And they could bring the price down as its produced in Mexico and doesn’t pay the import tarrif.

      So this car, and I’m sorry for this since as a rule I like and respect Chrysler cars, all of Chrysler’s operations down here seem like an afterthought. So the market reacts appropriately and basically ignores and sometimes pokes fun at them. Because this car has potential here. But not at those prices.

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    Is there a market for this type of car there?

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    2000-2010 is 11 years.

    Is it a ‘leap’ decade?

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    Hey Marcelo, is Brazil really a ‘third world hellhole’ as you put it? Is it that bad over there compared to the states?

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      Hello Jackalope30

      A little hyperbole of course. But it’s all relative. I’m sure if you live in Switzerland and come down here and take a job as a, say, waiter and then go and live in a favela and experience the lack of health care, transport, security, you’ll consider it a hellhole. But say you come from Rwanda, or even something closer to home, like Paraguay and Bolivia, you might feel like you actually have a future.

      At the same token, but on the flip side of the coin, if you come down here from a 1st world country, to work in a multinational, in a comfortable position, you might find live even more enjoyable than in Europe or the US (as your Euro and dollars buy a lot more services here).

      As we pistonheads like to say, YMMV.

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