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Nothing very out of the ordinary here, except sometimes the ordinary is somehow actually noticed, like when all the cars are about the same vintage. In 1992, all of these could have been bought new, except the CRX, which was just one year past being replaced by the del Sol. Close enough. The other direction follows:

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28 Comments on “Curbside Classic Outtake: Suddenly It’s 1992...”

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    Wow, an Escort wagon parked behind an Accord wagon. If only there was also a Passat wagon in this shot. Not that the Escort wagon was spectacular, but it’s sad that so few wagon options are available now unless you buy from a European manufacturer.

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      Not to mention the Taurus wagon, which was pretty popular back in the day.

      The Taurus itself was everywhere, but the models with the 3.8 V-6 were driven to an early grave by tranny problems and faulty head gaskets. The models with the 3.0 V-6 were actually pretty sturdy, but most people wanted the bigger engine.

      Those 1990s Escorts were actually reliable cars…far better than their domestic competitors (Dodge/Plymouth Neon and the GM J-cars). My aunt had two wagons, and both ran and ran without any trouble.

      I remember really wanting a 1990-93 Accord, although my favorite version was the green EX Coupe. Unfortunately, my budget didn’t permit me to move beyond a Civic.

      That CRX reminds me of how much the new Honda sports coupe has missed the mark.

      Is 1992 really almost 20 years ago? I can’t be THAT old!

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      Paul Niedermeyer

      I agree. My two sisters in law both had these and loved them; still going strong. And the passing of the Focus wagon is lamentable.

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      I miss the Focus wagon, too.

      My wife’s 2005 Focus SE sedan has been a reliable car. It has 105,000 miles on the odometer, and has not given us any major problems.

      With a new baby, we will probably be looking for something bigger within a year or two. I really wish that Ford would offer a wagon version of the upcoming new Focus.

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      Isn’t that the truth! I was looking for a small wagon to use for hauling my small dog and the family…didn’t want a crossover or SUV…took a while, but came across a (somewhat rare) 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart…just wish they would have made it with a manual tranny. But we ‘Mericans just don’t seem to get small wagons/hatchbacks…

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      How about the Elantra Touring?

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    I had a Gen 3 Jetta along with the XJ I still have. I bought the Jeep because wagon options were so few.

    Thats a nice shot Paul.

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    Debbie Downer here:

    That Escort is a ’97+. Didn’t the Jetta hit US shores (well, borders) in 1993?

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    You have a beautiful mind, noticing that lineup of cars.

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    As soon as I saw 1992 I just knew there’d be a Taurus in the mix.

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    I think that Accord wagon belongs to Gov. Kitzhaber.

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    Honda CRX – Impossible to own and maintain sanity. A pristine example in a mint condition with original engine is a fine car. Most are worse for the wear at this point. Ownership will be 50% dealing with fart can owners trying to tell you about their buddies Civic with Acura engine that runs 3’s in the qt and the other 50% is the waiting for it to be stolen.

    Ford Taurus – If its lasted this long then chances are it will be a rattle box with odd thumpings in the back.

    Jeep Cherokee . Personally I hated the 4dr. I thought the 2dr was better looking and more appropriate. That and the 4.0 5spd combo made it perfection compared to its competitors.

    Honda Accord wagon. Nice looking I’d love one of those…but only with a manual. Old Honda auto transmissions make me nervous.

    Escort Wagon – I like that body style mainly because of the Escort GT, but wagon version is an excellent idea in an appealing package that had some quirks do to its 90’s execution. No shame in it and it is what it is.

    VW Jetta – One name can mean many things depending on the drivetrain. I’m guessing thats a manual since its still on the road so it comes down to whether this is one of the early VR6’s or the 4banger. Not a fan of the body style and the headlights cloud so badly after 2 years that they become comical. However, no shame in it.

    To sum up what we see here
    1. the Honda we miss..
    2. the workhorse we never gave a lot of credit too..
    3. Her sisters cuter and I here they both like to go at it a long time up the old dirt road. however she can clean your guns in under a 10 minutes.
    4. the reminder that Americans and auto manufacturers suck for not giving us whats they gave us for generations.
    5. Meep meep…high school kids now call you a POS but when push comes to shove..pure little sh*tbox of awesome
    6. Find cover!!! Here comes the fanbois!!

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    YES! And the original Accord wagon makes a showing! Finally, something I can really relate to, we even had one in that colour.

    It was a 1993, EX, 4cyl auto (you could only get them in auto). The thing was with my family from the time I was six to until I was eighteen. Many life lessons took place within that vehicle, not the least of which was learning to drive. May dad drove it hard year after year for 425,000 kms, at which point an electrical issue made it not worth the repair. Never a peep from the transmission or the engine though (the original battery made it to over 400,000), even when my mother drove 10 hours straight without the oil cap on. It hauled small tractors, straw bales, wood (out of the bush), not to mention the sundries of a family without complaint. Of course the body rusted quickly, but my parents had it repainted half way through its life.

    Fond fond memories, it was a fantastic car. Made my family Honda lovers for life.

    @pauldun170 It was the later autos that were problematic, not these ones. Be scared of the 1998 to 2003 era. Be all accounts the 90’s 4 speeds were reliable.

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      My folks’ 1990 LX 4-door — the car I learned to drive on! — made it to almost 200K miles before we sold it, with nary a problem from the automatic transmission. Or from anything, for that matter. It even ran like a top after Dad rear-ended a Cherokee at 150,000 miles — and once repaired, still looked damn near brand-new.

      I remember the 90s had a “Sport” button on the shifter, that did seem to shorten the gear ratios noticeably. By ’92, I believe this had disappeared, or been replaced by an O/D lockout switch.

      Loved that car. There’s nothing that compares in today’s market, including the current Accord.

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    I think the 90s were the best times for all cars, especially Japanese. This was before the days of 37 different air bags, and 51 control modules. Engines and their control technologies were robust and relatively simple. No silly sat/nav systems, no self parking, no automatic seat belts, just good transportation modules.

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      What, exactly, is negative about air bags and gps? Not sure what you mean about automatic seat belts; if you’re referring to the obnoxious ones that zing (or fail to zing) over your shoulder after you close the door, I’ve *only* seen them on ’90s cars.

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      1. GPS is a needless feature for the majority of the time.. for the majority of the people in their everyday life.

      2. I had one bag on my 92 Accord.. and that was fine with me. I still don’t think ya need a shit load of bags (anymore than 2) in a car.. and ya definitely don’t need the extra safety shit that’s being built into cars.

      While there is no end to the need for “safety”. Ya never get the amount ya need, through the NHTSA with a requirement of actual speeds. Ive seen how these things are tested.. and the limiations on the car at speed.. are so low. Not to mention the various ways a car SHOULD BE tested – Side impact, offset, rear impact, rollover, on top of impacting a vehicle of various heights at various points on the car.

      Ive also never seen Tahoes and or their size and kind rolled, or impacted through side or rear.

      Seems MB cant build a car without.. blind spot protection, backup sensors, night vision, massive 6″+ nav screen, AWD, power everything and under 3000lbs!

      Ford has the same problem… but they add in parking assist and that stupid hybrid system.. paired with a 2wd Escape. — Worthless POS.

      Volvo, just like Audi, BMW seems keen on removing the driver from the equation altogether. They are doing these F’B.S ads about if you drop your sunglasses.. when the car is moving.. and you ACTUALLY GO DOWN TO GET THEM.. car will stop for you. Another LESSON on WHAT NOT TO DO. Leave the glasses there..and operate the vehicle properly.

      My Accord… that wagon…
      Would trump the majority of the garbage on the road, stick a set of snows on it… and its impossible to fuck up.

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    crx was my first love . . . i mean car. ’88 sky blue dx manual. life will never be as simple as it was at 16 in that car. everytime i see one, i wish i never sold that thing.

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    That’s ironic… I took an almost identical photo (with almost the same exact title!) in NYC a couple weeks ago:[email protected]/4500171939/

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    I had an identical Ford Escort wagon – that horrible shade of light brown too. Mine was a 5spd and I added the Minilite inspired Miata alloy wheels. Reliable but the engine sucked out any fun the 5spd gave.

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    “With a new baby, we will probably be looking for something bigger within a year or two.”

    Thanks to the miracle of cellular reproduction, barring some very rare genetic defect of disease, rest assured the imp will increase in size and, the sooner you teach the mini-human to spit it will leave behind that messy drooling stage.

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    What I WOULDN’T GIVE.. for a ACCORD wagon from 92…

    Heck.. when the car passed.. I was searching around for another one… driving my wife’s car for a bit…

    Found one at a Local Saturn shop.. for 2g, car didn’t look like in the best of conditions. Body looked decent, shocks were average, miles was 240k, my wife looked at me as if I was OUT OF MY MIND.

    Id love an Accord wagon.

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