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Mitsubishi’s ASX represents the brand’s move towards on-road crossovers, a move inspired by research showing that buyers of its Outlander big brother cross-shopped D-segment sedans rather than midsized SUV/CUVs. The C-segment ASX will be called the RVR in Japan and the Outlander Sport in the US market. And though the ASX’s front-end is allegedly inspired by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry F2 fighter, it looks remarkably similar to BMW’s recently-launched C-segment crossover, the X1. Which kind of makes sense, considering the F2 is actually just a modified F-16. Imitation is the most commercially viable form of flattery.

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5 Comments on “Geneva Gallery: Mitsubishi ASX/2011 Outlander Sport...”

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    This is way better looking than the X1 – cleaner lines in profile, overall tauter package, and to me at least the trapezoidal “Mitsubishi Maw” is unmistakable. Considering Mitsubishi still makes two laughably bad looking cars – the Endeavor and Galant – and one that needs a serious diet – the Eclipse – this is stylistic progress. It’s a lot like the Lincoln face – tying the line together with a polarizing cue – only Mitsus aren’t all re-badged Fords.

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    Wow Misubishi is still in business. Other than there new lackluster small car offering most of there lineup is so stale and forgettable. How old is the Galant now? HMMM 8 years with the same body and engines. Cover the badge up and you could be looking at most any new Hyundai, Kia, Volvo, BMW or insert foreign brand here entry save the outlandish grille.

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    Yet another forgettable, lumpy crossover vehicle. Nothing to see here.

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    As a former (current model) Outlander owner I have a lot of respect for how good the brand can be. I agree that in the current us lineup only the Outlander and the Lancer are even worth considering.

    What i find interesting is how only in the US this will have the Outlander nametag. I assume this is so they can lump them together and claim huge (in terms of percent) increase in sales!

    I’d be interested to see how this compares to it’s bigger brother in terms of weight, mpg etc

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    Kyle Schellenberg

    That is one pissed off looking car. They should substitute the regular horn with a crotchety old man’s loud voice saying “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

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