Curbside Classic Clue

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
curbside classic clue

Sorry about the lateness of tonight’s clue. You Easterners are probably in bed by now, but the left coasters will take up the slack. Speaking of slack, Loser guessed the Ford cop car on the first comment. That makes you a Winner! Hopefully, it won’t go quite so quickly tonight.

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  • Nick Nick on Mar 16, 2010

    An old Audi...not sure of the model.

  • Buster Brew Buster Brew on Mar 16, 2010

    Again, I awake to a puzzle solved.

  • Rob Finfrock Rob Finfrock on Mar 16, 2010

    That really does look like an old Mercedes diesel. At first I thought it was a 300D, but the tail lamps on those were outlined in chrome. Sure enough, the 240D had black plastic surrounds, to match the exhaust smoke! Ah, memories of my 1984 300D... 245,000 on the clock when it was traded in by the original owner at a local Chrysler store (for a new 1998 Plymouth Breeze -- don't let that thought settle too long, it tends to hurt your head after awhile.) I beat out three salemen who were eager to curb it. Beautiful maroon paint and tan MB-tex interior, chrome factory wheels, hardly looked like it had more than 70K on it. All it needed was a rear half-shaft, and conversion to R134-A. Total investment: $1800. I drove it three months, and sold it to a friend (whose father had owned one very much like it in Germany) for $3500. Wish I would have held onto it!!!

  • Steve Campen Steve Campen on Mar 16, 2010

    Audi Fox, perhaps?