What's Wrong With This Picture: One For The RAV-id Compact CUV Fans Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture one for the rav id compact cuv fans edition

“The American people are willing to forgive and forget, but they would like a little gift,” AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson tells Toyota [via USAToday]. Toyota’s answer (other than possible warranty extensions): a nice, dull little facelift for a nice, dull little cute ute. Meanwhile, Toyota’s US dealers are not thrilled with the state of affairs, gifting Automotive News [sub] such saucy quotes as:

Dealers will be talking [at the NADA convention] about how this will affect their investments as a dealer. You bet I am questioning my investment. I think they have handled this poorly.

And that was the quote that didn’t feature expletives! Will the softroader update (shown here in European spec) tame the angry beast that is Toyota’s dealer network? Given that it’s only being shown in Europe until “later this year,” the answer seems to be “not for now.”

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  • The Luigiian The Luigiian on Feb 16, 2010

    This is definitely not as ugly as the American model RAV-4. I can tell because I would actually give this vehicle the time of day whereas from a looks perspective I shake my head in pity at the current US-spec model. Then again, I sort of liked the Nissan Juke look so I guess my opinion on styling isn't always watertight.

  • Kman Kman on Feb 16, 2010

    Upon first glance at the photo, I thought maybe I'm looking at an upcoming small Lexus CUV. Compete with the X1, slot beneath the RX... Why not?

    • Accs Accs on Feb 16, 2010

      It would have to be colored in Champagne or Black... for that to happen, with a nice fat L symbol on the front clip, and absolutely no guts or point to its design.. whatsoever.

  • Philadlj Philadlj on Feb 16, 2010

    I'm pleased with both the Avalon and now the RAV4 refreshes. It isn't much, but the current RAV4 had an ugly maw that has been made handsome, if ordinary. If anything, it more closely resembles an Audi Q5 or VW Tiguan; neither a bad thing. Now if only they could make the bloat-tastic Corolla pretty.....

  • Don1967 Don1967 on Feb 16, 2010

    It looks like a Hyundai Santa Fe that has been slightly Tiguanified.