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You might need to click through to the gallery to fully grasp the stunning blandness of its New Coupe Concept, which just debuted at the NAIAS. Volkswagen has said again and again that it plans to take over the American market by screwing its loyal followers and selling out for mainstream appeal. The NCC is the apathy-osis of this philosophy, showing an approach to the sports coupe genre that makes the business of car look like a less glamorous offshoot of the packing materials industry. It’s a hybrid. It’s a “poor man’s A5.” It’s a dust bunny to the Scirocco‘s sandstorm. Most of all though, it’s a sign of how misguided VW’s approach to the US market really is.

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54 Comments on “With Concepts Like This, How Can VW Lose?...”

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    those guys in the picture look pretty upset about VW’s new direction. The car itself looks like a generic jelly bean.

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    Cammy Corrigan

    It’s just a 3 door Passat CC. How long did it take them to design that?
    “Gunther, take zose 2 rear doors off und ve’ve got zos Japanese Schwinehund running scared!”

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    John R

    Looks like a Capoeira Gap ad. For VW, I guess that makes sense.

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    Is there a song that goes with it?  I need a song, otherwise I’ll think I’m driving a tC with trim falling off.

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    It’s a Civic??

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the look of this car.  It’s a clean, sane look.  Far better than current MBs for sure.  Yes, it doesn’t break any new ground.  But it is attractive and appealing.  Thankfully it does not jump on the grotesque headlights/reverse swoop bandwagon.  But VWs from 10 years ago were much better looking cars.

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    I actually like current MBs. One of the more non-generic cars out there. I hated them in the days of the peanut headlights, but they now look quite elegant . In fact, I’d say they are some of the nicest looking cars currently manufacturered.

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    Extreme blandness is what the US consumer is after. Could be why we won’t see it in Europe.

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    It’s a trifle bland, but not exactly hideous. Rather an improvement on the Corolla-like sedan.

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    I love it.

    It’s soooo much nicer looking than the Scirocco.  I don’t even know what you guys are complaining about. 

    “fully grasp the stunning blandness of its New Coupe Concept”

    You say it like its a statement of fact or something. 

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    I’ll admit, I think I would like it too if they hadn’t dressed it up in bland Reynolds Wrap Silver…

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    “It’s soooo much nicer looking than the Scirocco”
    Um, the Scirocco was an interesting piece of design – this looks like another flipping Audi.

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      The Scirocco was a fussy design IMO, this while bland, is handsome and catches my eye. This is styling we are talking about…. and we don’t get camcordia numbers with outstanding styling.

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    I think it’ll do great here.  The stance is low for a modern car, and that’s what makes it look classy.  And look at the name – if they keep “NCC,” all the Trekkies are going to buy one.

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    I find the design to be tasteful and understated – exactly what one should expect out of a German car. As long as they keep the weight in check it should do well. (bigger==better is a bit of a boom-years style choice, no?)

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    While it’s clearly not breaking any new ground in automotive design (understatement alert) its probably wise never to underestimate the US public’s appetite for conservative design. It’s not my cup of tea but I suspect it will sell.

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    It looks like an angular version of the A5.  I actually think it looks quite nice!

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    This would be something if it were Hyundai’s new model, but the new VW? Yawn.

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    It’s bland and boring, but not offensive or ugly. A design that generic cannot fail completely.

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    It looks great in the metal, but since most of you guys are commenting from your room in your mom’s basement, you won’t be able to appreciate it… ;)

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    Just what VW needs to really pick up market share, a new coupe. A market segment that’s all but dead. I’m guessing the coupe segment accounts for about less than 1% of total car sales.

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    It’s a good-looking Civic.  That’s kind of a compliment, but only kind of.
    Like a lot of new designs, I’ll wait until I see it in person before I decide.  I like the conservative styling and it has reasonably good proportions.  I still prefer the Golf, but I’m a hatchback kind of guy.
    Looking at this car, I just dread what it will look like with a huge wing on the trunk and an airdam attached with phillips screws.  For some reason, this design seems to ask for this more than some other VWs.  Maybe it’s just more Japanese-looking?

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    Any word, Edward, on whether the boys in the pic are doing the “Volt Dance”?

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    John Holt

    Fine by me – makes the A5 look all the hotter.

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    Very nice.
    Inside comfortable enough for big Americans?
    Nice I4 with a very friendly torque curve without a turbo?
    Choice between a very desirable stick and very desirable auto?
    Breaking 60-0 at 125 feet or less?

    Turning radius 35 feet or less?
    NHV and interior sound level Lexus class?
    Pulls in best in class ratings in nearly every review?
    VW Dealers willing to sell it instead of dragging you away to consider something, ANYTHING, $5k sticker higher?

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    Is that the pose you have to take at the VW dealership to buy one?

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    Catchy name too, New Coupe Concept, NCC. Bet they really spent some time on that.

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    Disagree. Looks great to me, however why spend the time ? Just bring the Scirocco instead.
    The “ugly stick” is over in the other booth, Honda “Z”. Pick on that boil instead.

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    I like it. It’s a bit like an A5 but with (in my opinion) a better front end treatment. I’d like to see it in a color besides silver though.

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    Looks Japanese.  Why not bring in the Scirocco?  As a new Passat owner and a big VW/Audi fan, I don’t think they’ll ever be much of a player here in the US.  The cars are too expensive for most Americans, their quality reputation is not good (some justified, some not), and Americans want a Camry.  Memo to VW: the people don’t want 20 different alloy wheel options.  How about leather seats with memory?  Also, their advertising is too goofy, while they seem to gear everything to 20-something airheads.  But, maybe the last point is where we’re at in American, these days.

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    I think it looks fine.  But I agree that it should be presented in a better color than silver.   VW salsa red for example.

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    Rod Panhard

    A hybrid that looks distinctive but ain’t ugly? I don’t have a problem with that.

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    I think that is a good looking car.

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    Oh how wrong you are Mr. Niedermeyer.

    Scirroccos are for message board monkies to rave about but none of them would buy they already complain about the price of the GTI.

    This coupe would sell, the BMW /G35 coupe wannabees define what is cool to the 30/40 somethings and that crew wouldn’t be caught dead in a hatchback. But I think they would roll in this Vee-dub.

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    Watching them trying to sex up the automotive equivalent of peanut butter and jelly on white bread is amusing enough in itself.

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    I used to work for one of the ad agencies that had the VW/Audi account. They were completely clueless back then. Looks like nothing much has changed.

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    Dear VW:  We don’t want VWs that look like Civics.  We want VWs that look like VWs, drive like VWs, and run like Hondas and Toyotas.
    The American Public
    PS:  And no matter how many cup holders it has, add a couple more.

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    I have no idea what car many of you are commenting on, but it certainly isn’t the one pictured. I think they’ll sell a ton of them.

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    ahh not bad. nothing offense, nothing that stands out. Its safe. Honda and toyota have done this forever, and it seems to work.

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    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills after reading these posts!

    It has a coupe roofline (look at the sedan rendering), it has powerful haunches, and will sell for around $20,000 USD well equipped … it’s a classic ageless style.

    How is this car bland?? The first time I saw it, I thanked the heavens for VW actually coming up with something beautiful!

    You guys are nuts.

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    That’s just what VW needs to double its sales in the US.

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    It looks like an Audi mated with a 2001 Hyundai Elantra hatchback.

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    It looks OK in photos – seeing it in the ‘flesh’ would be the deciding factor. The use of high-quality paint/colors/trim and attention to detail of the interior bits will sell an understated design. Add a nice, helpful dealer with a good service dept, and you’ve got a winner.

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    Why the vitriol? It looks like another take on the Jetta coupe to me, nothing more. Was that a big deal the first time around?

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    I think it looks rather good. The interior seems nicely arranged as well.

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    I am so glad that bland bloated mess is staying in the USA. I am a VW fan boy – I’ve had seven so far, and that’s by far the most ugly piece of crap I’ve ever seen come from them.

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    @ VW Fan Boys and Hairdressers

    Seems you all would heap praise on a VW badged Chrysler Sebring:  ” What a bold design…  VW is sure to sell hundreds of thousands”

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      Please share with us what you drive so that we can make inane comments about it in a silly, misguided attempt to look edgy and hip.

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      The car is bland and forgettable.   Couple that with poor VW build quality and mostly terrible dealers and you have a sure formula for massive sales growth. NOT.

      I was poking fun at the hipsters who think VW’s are like automotive iPods, but minus the great design and excellent user experience. 

      I am clearly not a hipster, I drive Ford products.  My choices are trashed hourly on this site, and I am not offended or angered by it. 

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