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Ok, so not every Saab owner made it to the “Save Saab” rally outside of GM’s headquarters today… but local Detroit businesses did report shortages of pipe tobacco, leather elbow patches and quirk. All kidding aside though, is there a better illustration of the blind passion that automobiles so relentlessly inspire? These folks had to know that 20-odd people with signs wouldn’t make a lick of difference to Saab’s fate, but dammit, they drove to Detroit anyway. From as far away as New Jersey, Kentucky and Iowa, no less. Somehow that makes the inevitable schadenfreude seem a little less satisfying.

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23 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: All The World’s Saab Owners In One Place Edition...”

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    Es gibt keine menge schadenfreude hier.  Like with many things, being right, doesn’t really lead to feeling better about the situation.

    The whole thing is, sad, both in an abstract sense, and with GM as a microcosm (or canary in the coal mine) for US (manufacturing) dominance it is even sadder.

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    The people with the signs are the same people that buy used Saabs for no money, have independent mechanics fix them, and if they buy new make sure they get it for as far below cost as possible even if that means  driving  a hundred miles to save $50.00.

    This is not  folklore, I’ve experienced it.  No factory will survive that type of following.

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    LOL, the picture says it all doesn’t it?  There aren’t enough new Saab buyers to keep the company going.  Haven’t been for years.  I think these knuckleheads just wanted an excuse for a road trip.

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    During this cold snap, there is not much that I would stand outside the renesance center for right now. Maybe if they were giving away gold bars, but even then I would have to think about it. 2 Degrees the other day, and very windy.

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    Saab hasn’t made a car worth owning since the first generation 900.  Which I’m actually starting to like.  It’s sad that nobody makes a FWD car with a longitudinally-mounted engine, front-hinged hood and double wishbone front suspension anymore.  But since 1993 that nobody has included Saab. So what if Saab goes away, it’s just another redundant GM brand.

    Today I’m going to compare Saab to another GM brand, Hummer.

    The first generation Saab 900 is the equivalent of the original HUMVEE/H1, an over-engineered car with a number of unique engineering features.  And I’m not talking about gimmicks like the center console ignition, I’m talking fundamentally different structures: a longitudinal FWD engine with double wishbones on the Saab, or portal axles on double wishbones all around and a drivetrain lifted into the cabin on the HUMVEE.  Things you can’t just tack onto a badge engineered can.

    Everything Saab has made since 1993 is the equivalent of an H2 or an H3.  A rebadged, overpriced GM, often bought by people with no understanding of cars to express a political agenda.

    And piss and moan that I’m wrong all you want; I’m pissing off both Saab and Hummer fan-boys so I have to be right.  The death of Saab is as sad as the death of Hummer.

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      Oh I dunno, a rebadged WRX allowed people over the age of 17 to own a zippy little AWD that didn’t look (as much) like crap :D
      I agree on different points of good engineering: how come GM didn’t steal the ability to change tire pressure fuss-free and put it on all of their trucks/SUVs?
      Honestly, I’m more upset about Pontiac and Saturn than SAAB or Hummer.

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      Ernie, thank you for the clarification.  Saab has not made a car worth buying since 1993, but it did rebadge a Subaru worth buying from 2005-2006.

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    Oh yeah, what’s wrong with the picture?  See how old most of the people in it are?  That’s how old you have to be to remember a Saab worth buying.

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      Slushy – hilarious.  Your ridiculous posts used to get under my skin, but I actually get a genuine chuckle reading your pap.  There has to be a deep-seated issue you have with SAAB.  Did a Viggen run over your dog when you were a kid?  The bully in high school drove a 900 SPG?  Do tell.

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      Not to mention, I’m quite sure you wouldn’t fly to Aichi to protest if Toyota decided to discontinue your beloved Camry. 

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      “Did a Viggen run over your dog when you were a kid?”  Actually a Saturn L-series, but same difference.  And I am going to commit seppuku if they ever get rid of my beloved Camry*.

      *This is called going along with a joke, the only Toyota I’ve ever owned is an MR2 Sypder.

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      This is why SAAB must have a chance at building SAABs again.  The company should not be killed because of horrible mismanagement by GM.  They should be sold to someone interested in building real SAABs for the niche market.

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    From the looks of that picture, quite a few villages are missing their idiots. Seriously, a small congregation of Saab owners out in the cold isn’t going to make Saab profitable. The bottom line regarding Saab’s future is that it is an unprofitable brand, and as such it makes no sense to keep Saab alive another year or more. If Saab was wildly popular and generated piles of money for GM, then the line of people wanting to buy the brand would be out the door, or GM would keep it alive themselves. It’s dead. It has been for years. Their very best year was 7 years ago, and even then their worldwide sales were only about a third of the number of Camrys (Camries?) that Toyota sold in the U.S. alone. Saab is done, and there’s no reason for GM to waste any more time with the brand. Just let it die, and Saab fanboys should look elsewhere for their next ride. Besides, there are much better cars for the money.

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      …villages are missing those enthusiastic and in love with their favorite marque.
      1) The Detroit Rally was organized just a couple of days before it happened therefore
      a.  Many people couldn’t get time off from work (most SAAB owners have responsibilities) and
      b.  Make the (for many) long drive to Detroit.
      Here’s the thing:  GM is the one that has created an unprofitable brand, and it would only proper to allow them to be SAAB once again.  Let’s flashback:
      General Motors wants to get into the upper-echelon Euro-sedan/saloon market.  They need something to compete with the likes of Merc, BMW, Audi, etc.  Obviously they don’t have anything even in the same ball park, and GM’s Euro arm (Vauxhall/Opel) is sort of a Euro equivalent of Buick (not in build inasmuch as relative image)  So…
      GM aquires SAAB. (first stock aquired in 1989, but the remainder in 1999-2000).  SAAB is a niche brand that, im sure if you asked most North Americans, was some strange Euro-hatchback that kooky architects drive.  GM expects to Glue the SAAB badge on a re-bodied Opel/Vauxhall Vectra, jack up the MSRP and expects BMW buyers and “smart” car enthusiasts to line up in droves?  GM only alienated the core buyers by stripping away all the “saabiness” from the line and didn’t seduce new buyers (Europe and North America alike) by trying to sell the same crap for more money… …all the while milking SAAB for their technologies whilst bleeding Trollhattan money for GM’s epsilon platforms that SAAB was forced to use.  SAAB has been polishing turds for the last 20 years and have done far better than anyone else could have.  (I know, I worked for GM… …its ridiculous how junky their cars are in the modern age… )
      I’m sure SAABs sell less than Camrys… …THATS the point.  A Toyota Camry (we’ve had two, very reliable) is just an appliance to get from point a to b.   GM doesn’t understand niche marketing…. …SAAB is about small numbers produced, with high build quality, and small numbers purchased.  SAABs are supposed to be different, and alternative.  How can a car be an alternative when it outsells Camrys?
      GM effed this up, pure and simple… …they need to sell, as Ford did Volvo, or all we’ll have left are rolling refridgerators.
      Jon.  1991 SAAB 900t.  Over 300k on the clock, original engine, original gearbox… …practicality AND a soul.  NO car better for the money… …not by miles.

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      Says the person who complained about pontiac’s demise… bitter beans thats all.
      To benchmark the Camry shows that their is a lack of understanding in the matter.
      I do hope that most here don’t aspire to the idea and execution of Toyota, rather to the Saabs of the world.
      We need to save what character is left in the automotive world, else we die in a sea of boredom and appliances.

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    bill h.

    Slushy–No pissing or moaning here…..just another roll of eyes and a smirk at the word ‘longitudinal’.

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    Really? This isn’t all the Saab fans that are left? I thought there was a lot less than this.

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    I guess I don’t see why anyone would feel “schadenfreude” to begin with over the end of Saab.  They were never a major player; I don’t recall any Saab folks (as opposed to GM people) making grandiose statements about their cars.  For me to feel schadenfreude over something, there usually has to be some sort of hubris or ass**** behavior displayed first, and I just didn’t get that vibe from Saab.

    As for GM’s or Chrysler’s demise,  well, schadenfreude would be likely…

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    Did anyone show up when the F-Bodies went out of production in 2002?  When the H1 was discontinued?  When Olds was shuttered?  Maybe GM should learn why a product line they’ve mismanaged for the last 15 years still engenders such enthusiasm.
    But then they never really understood why people were pissed off when their Olds came with a Chevy engine in it,  so I won’t hold my breath.

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    I remember prying back the bonnet of a 900 while scavenging at Al’s No Bull, U Pick & Pull about two years ago.  It was like the first time I looked at pornography.  I wasn’t sure what I was seeing.

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