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7 Comments on “Curbside Classic Outtake: Hood Swappin’ Edition...”

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    I so totally get the look they are going after … but is the white one the Fiat, and the red one the Dodge, or the other way around?

    Btw, it is rumoured that the first plan was to swap the doors instead of the hoods…

    Btw2, it is probably a much more prosaic explanation but I would prefer to think the driver of these two vehicles either has a love hate relationship with LF and RF fenders respectively, or is in deep denial of a perception problem with his V1,V2,V5 visual cortex, and may have been suffering from an acute Ebbinghaus illusory event with a concomitant effect on the RH fender(s)…

    Btw3, my grandfather worked for Chrysler (Millright) and the last car he bought before he died (which my dad inherited in 1966) was a 1964 Dodge Polara 4 door, blue, with white wall tires, full hubcaps and nice trim (and a really cool piece of trim filling the v-shaped groove running down the center of the hood, and even cooler, being the fascinating push-button transmission, which to a 4.5-year old, was so tempting he pushed the buttons and as the car rolled backwards down the driveway, he had the perspective from behind the wheel of his father dropping his briefcase and chasing after the car…) the car gave good service until 1972 when my dad rear-ended a car on the expressway and bashed up the front clip (was impossible by then to get a service replacement for the v-strip trim on the hood) and shortly thereafter received his first company car (these events crash and co. car were probably unrelated)…

    Btw4, as I finished the above, I realized that the cars in the photo are most likely Dodge Darts (the v-stripe is missing and the top of the fender and the C-pillar seem different from the Polara features I recall.)

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    yeah, both darts. ’64 or ’65.
    The family hated to put them out to pasture, but ultimately it became too much trouble to find new points and distributor caps that would fit them every every time they needed a tune-up, and going to junkyards to get parts for repairs became a chore, and when they heard that Taughm Magliozzi had given up his ’63 AND his ’52 MG, they decided that it was time to face the music. Now a pair of Kia Rios sits in the front driveway, and they do get from point A to point B, but Pa says it’s kind of like cars just ain’t cars anymore, they’re transportation appliances. So every now and then he goes into the back yard and sits behind the wheel of the coupe and pretends he’s going to take Ma and the kids to the drive-in.

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      Do you mean TOM and RAY Magliozzi… of CAR talk?!

      And a set of Kia Rios… are in the driveway… awful.
      Someone needs to inform this guy of the G8 GXP! Theres no reason TWO of those POS should inhahibit one home.

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    “Lawn Darts“…Cool!

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    Looks kind of like an art project.

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    They’re either 63s or 64s. Grilles were different on the 65 and 66s as well as the headlight surrounds. 65s used what is called the “candy cane” grille squared off at the bottom and surrounding the headlights rather than being separate from them as in 63 [concave] or 64 [convex] and a different hood for 65-66.

    The guy wants the white hood because it’s in better shape and the red one looks like a GT, the more desirable 2 door hardtop. 

    It’s surprising anyone had a problem getting parts for one of these. I have had a 63 Valiant Signet [Plymouth’s version of the GT or 270 hardtops] for nearly 30 years and have never had problems finding points, condensers, plugs, coils, or other electrical bits at the local parts store. [Though a couple of years ago I replaced the points and condenser with a Pertronix electronic ignition].

    And now with the Internet it is even easier. I got air filters and a fuel filter for it from Amazon just last month. Both were made in Israel. Repro headlamp rims, brake drums, trunk lining, body and trunk panels etc are all available. Even upgrade kits for disc brake conversions.

    Love these cars.

    Thanks, PN

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