By on December 17, 2009

Screw chrome window surrounds, this is how you scream "upscale"

The auto industry is a brutally competitive game. GM’s Bob Lutz may have just discovered that Chrome window surrounds are the key to perceived quality, but Audi has already gone one better, cladding the entire C-pillar of its new A1 with chrome. And if that doesn’t scream “upscale” loud enough, they have a former boy-band member on hand to amplify the message. Anspruchsvoll!

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10 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: It’s Mousketeer Upscale Edition...”

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    Is it me, or is this thing morphing into a Subishu?
    It looks like there was some partner swapping going on here.

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    And WHY is everybody letting Audi get away with this cheap headlight mascara/eye liner?
    It looks like  Audi has turned to Adam Lambert for its new look.

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    Is it chrome or silver paint?  It appears to extend all the way up the A-pillar, along the roof, and finally down the C-pillar.  But it appears to be a dull silvery color.

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    This is excellent!  It will go well with that goofy LED headlight thing they have working…or not… I have seen several Audis locally with one set of LED’s not working. maybe they borrowed a EE from VW.

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      Chances are that you are meeting those Audis at intersections and they have their turn signal on. I’ve had people tell me mine aren’t working, when they’re working fine. In the daytime, the LED DRLs will extinguish on whichever side the turn signal is flashing (supposedly to give oncoming drivers a better look at the signal). In reality the LEDs are dead reliable and should outlast incandescents.

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    The LEDs under the headlights is the DRL (daytime running light) system.

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    Your wish..


    Just answer my one question…
    Are they bringing the A1 to the U.S.. or arent they?

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    See?  The Saturn Ion was years ahead of its time and far more upscale than people give it credit for.

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    Mark MacInnis

    Say what ya want….the Audi ‘Scary Pokemon’ look is much more attractive than the  ‘Prozac Clown Pokemon’ thing the Mazda 3 has goin’ on….

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    Anybody here old enough to remember the U.S. government going to Detroit and asking them to cut the amount of needless chrome in the vehicles because much of it was coming from Russia?

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