November Sales Snapshot: Mid Sized Sedans Ranked (Updated/Corrected)

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

NB: Our numbers are straight from the various companies’ media sites. There may be discrepancies between them and those from other sources, because some may be be NA (Canada too) and other US only.

We are currently researching purchasing an automotive sales analysis data base from a supplier. Our goal is to provide timely, accurate information and analysis. That has never been done before consistently at TTAC. Stay tuned for an announcement.

Let’s take a closer look at the top-selling mid size “Camcordia” class sedans for November and YTD (year to date). Keep in mind that one month does not paint much of a picture. A new incentive or a push in fleet sales can distort short term sale substantially. Speaking of fleet sales, some industry watchdogs have suggested that the Hyundai and Nissan upturns in November were well-fed by fleet sales.

(Sorry about the columns not lining up, and the Accord should be in the #2 ranking)

Ranked by YTD SalesNov. 09% from Nov.08YTD 09from YTD 08Accord172398%261818-25%Camry2738518%312270-21%Altima1549043%184925-27%Fusion1377454%16181918%Malibu1111343%142194-27%Prius










Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Nutsaboutcars Nutsaboutcars on Dec 06, 2009

    The Accord does not at all look like any K-car! From some angles (esp from the back) it actually looks more like some 5-series Bimmer!

  • Nutsaboutcars Nutsaboutcars on Dec 06, 2009

    The Accord should sell far better, and far closer to the Camry. Anybody knows what's wrong with Honda? Their inventories are swelling and now are bigger than the Detroit 3's!! They were 80 days a month ago and may go to 100 days if they do not start some deep discounts!

  • Mjz Mjz on Dec 06, 2009

    I'm not seeing the new LaCrosse lumped in here with this bunch. Base CX starts at over $27,000 and most models are low to mid $30's. If you're going to put LaCrosse in, why not dump ES, Maxima, TL in here too?

    • Bunter1 Bunter1 on Dec 07, 2009

      Agreed, mjz. It';s a bigger car too. Almost identical to an Avalon inside and out. Makes the Lucerne redudant in my book. Bunter

  • Ohsnapback Ohsnapback on Dec 07, 2009

    Where is the Mazda 6's sales figures?