Nano Variants Coming: Tuner, Hybrid And European. US Version Next?

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
nano variants coming tuner hybrid and european us version next

The Tata Nano is sprouting new variants in its global ambitions and to fend off the competition. Even before the little Basmati burner ramps up to large-scale production in its new dedicated factory, and possible franchise manufacturers take the bait, news of its offshoots never ends. Tata is managing the Nano brand’s exposure just fine. Lets start with the ultimate in mixed metaphors, the Darth Vader helmet-inspired “Design”:

According to a story in NYTWheels, DC Design, a tuner/customizer in Pune, India is showing this prototype of a their modified Nano arriving in early 2010. A massive front grill, blistered fenders, alloy wheels and over-sized air intakes are delicately integrated into the Nano’s design in a notably tasteful way.

“The world’s cheapest car has thrown up a few interesting scenarios,” said Dilip Chhabria, founder of D.C. Design. “Firstly, we think the world’s cheapest car does have a lot of sex appeal – in fact its silhouette of one sweeping arc is quite unparalleled and lends itself to customization.”

Battista Pinin Farina couldn’t have said it better himself. Moving along:

According to South Korea’s Maeil Business Paper, the Nano’s pater Ratan Tata has confirmed a hybrid version. The battery pack, to be supplied by Eveready, consists of 5,867 rechargeable AAA cells. Just kidding. No details were offered. We’ve been hearing reports about the diesel version for some time.

Harder facts are being confirmed about the coming Nano Europa. Autocar was given a tour and photo-op of the definitive Euro-spec Nano, due on the continent in 2011. The crash and safety worthy Europa is likely to cost from £4000 – £5000 in the UK. It will feature a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, of about 60 hp (Indian version has a 35 hp twin). The Europa will also be upgraded to a five-speed stick (the Indian version is four-speed) for better highway-speed gearing, improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions. Europa models will also get ABS, traction control, electric power steering and twin airbags. And a US version? Stay tuned.

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  • Johnny ro Johnny ro on Dec 12, 2009

    If nano arrives in USA and sells I would respectfully ask VW to revive beetle. Not the golf beetle, a real, 1800 lb one with 50 modern hp.

  • ZoomZoom ZoomZoom on Dec 14, 2009

    Its' got something of a "bullet train" appearance. But is it a balloon? or did they merely make it out of a giant bean bag and just sew the doors shut on the side? That said...I kind of like it. "The car of shame". You have to drive one of these for a month if you are caught driving slowly in the left lane. Your friends will flee, your children will cry out in fear, and your wife will hide her face in her hands...

  • Tassos VW's EV program losses have already been horrific, and with (guess, Caveman!) the Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory growing with leaps and bounds, the future was already quite grim for VW and the VW Group.THis shutdown will not be so temporary.The German Government may have to reach in its deep pockets, no matter how much it hates to spend $, and bail it out."too big to fail"?
  • Billccm I had a 1980 TC3 Horizon and that car was as reliable as the sun. Underappreciated for sure.
  • Inside Looking Out I did not notice, did they mention climate change? How they are going to fight climate change, racism and gender discrimination. I mean collective Big 3.
  • Lou_BC I'm not too picky about gloves. If I'm concerned about heavy oil or grease contamination, I'll donn nitrile gloves. Heavier work and I'll use "old school" leather gloves, fake leather, synthetic or whatever is available.
  • Dusterdude Getting the popcorn ready . May be a good plan for strikers to make sure they own good winter jackets for future pickets .