Curbside Classic Outtake: Dear Santa…

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

May all your Christmas, Holiday and New Year’s wishes come true. For mine to come true, Santa, this Pantera is going to need a little home-country friend to keep it company, like the one after the jump:

Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Porschespeed Porschespeed on Dec 26, 2009
    Full-time rust fixer, maybe, mechanic, I think not. That’s a Ford V8 under there, with IIRC the same transaxle as a GT40. The marginal cooling system may be an issue on a hot day, but otherwise the drivetrain is as stout as the come. Of course, they toss the rest of it in for free…. True, it has a 351, so it's rather easy to hop up. The transaxle is a classic piece by ZF. Works well, up to a point - above 800 or so HP, they tend to frag. ZF no longer does parts for it, but there's a guy that has all the parts and tools. Everybody that I know that has had one fixed the cooling eons ago - simple to do. The rest of them were pretty well sorted by the 80s. The later model GT5 is a bit boy-racer for some, but I like it in the bespoilered-Countach sort of way. The driving position is a bit classic 'ciao Sofia', but pretty livable (I'm 6'). Personally, if you're looking for something that's fun and well sorted for $50K, I'd recommend it. Bonus: you don't see a dozen of them every time you drive to McDonalds. Unlike C5s/C6s...
    • FreedMike FreedMike on Dec 28, 2009

      True, but then again, that 'Vette probably has a decent A/C system, and won't bake you alive as you drive it.

  • Andy D Andy D on Dec 27, 2009

    British eye candy. I go to Limerock Labor Day WE for an annual dose. Veery pretty ,and I dont have to keep them going

  • Kwik_Shift_Pro4X Defender looks way better than the Bronco in both 2-door and 4-door.
  • ToolGuy I found this particular episode to be incredibly offensive.I am shocked that eBay Motors is supporting this kind of language and attitudes in 2024.I will certainly keep this in mind next time I am choosing where to buy auto parts (I buy a LOT of auto parts).
  • SaulTigh When I was young in the late 80's one of my friends had the "cool dad." You know the guy, first to buy a Betamax and a C-band satellite dish. Couple of stand up arcade games in the den. Bought my friend an Atari 2600 as soon as they came out. He had two of these crap heaps. One that only ran half the time and one for parts in the yard. My middle school brain though he was the most awesome dad ever, buying us pizza and letting us watch R rated movies recorded on free HBO weekend. At the time I though he was much better than my boring father.Now with adult hindsight, I now know he was "dad who should have taken better care of his family" and not had so many toys.
  • Dave Has to be Indy 500. Many more leaders and front passes than NASCAR, and Monaco is unwatchable with the inability to pass on that circuit.
  • Jeff How did the discussion get from an article about a 56 billion dollar pay package for Elon Musk to a proposal to charge a per mile tax on EVs in California or paying increase registration on vehicles to make up for lost gas tax revenue? I thought such a discussion would better fit Matt's Gas Wars series.