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See this ad for Lancia and/or world peace? Now check out the first post-bankruptcy Chrysler brand advertisement here. Noticing any similarities? It seems that there’s trouble brewing in the Fiat family, and “Don” Marchionne has strongly suggested that the new boy to the family, Chrysler, could take over some of Lancia’s profile. Automotive News [sub] reports that the Chrysler brand will appear on Lancias (A.K.A rebadging) in many international markets, and that Lancias could become a niche marque.

“We need to be very careful that we don’t destroy Lancia’s roots, to find a way to preserve the identity of Lancia through an agreement that commonises as much of the portfolio as possible (with Chrysler),” Marchionne said.

Autonews posits 2 possibilities. The first possibility is that Lancia is used in limited markets such as Belgium, France and Italy. Particularly Italy. Last year, Lancia sold 103,000 cars, 93,000 of which were sold in Italy. This possibility doesn’t really make sense as last year, in Europe, only 29,000 Chrysler branded cars were sold. So, on the face of it, the Lancia marque has more value than the Chrysler marque. The second possibility is that Lancia is moved to become an upscale brand, within the Chrysler world. Much like Ford in Europe did with the Ghia marque. The problem with this scenario is that, as we established in possibility 1, Italy is still a strong market for Lancia and a move like this would damage the brand. It’s very much like Renault trying to reduce the Nissan badge to a sub-brand with the Renault sphere.

But Mr Marchionne hasn’t committed to anything yet. He is waiting for Chrysler to release the new 300C, Sebring and Voyager minivan (A.K.A the Town and Country) before he starts playing musical marques. “We need to see product, we need to see positioning and based on that we can make a decision,” he said. Too many brands and not enough market to maintain them? Haven’t we been here before….?

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15 Comments on “Chrysler Replacing Lancia As Global Brand/World Peace Advocate...”

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    Wait….what? I thought Marchionne was pulling Chrysler out of Europe.

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      I also understood that Chrysler (as well as Dodge) was being pulled out of Europe, leaving just Jeep internationally.

      Even stranger, I heard that Chrysler was going to move up market (to rival Cadillac  Lincoln!?), so if Lancia is going to be the upscale brand of Chrysler, they are going to pretty upscale!!!

      So is Lancia planing to be a rival to Bentley & Rolls-Royce?

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    If Lancia can make the Stratos HF again, in full Alitalia livery, then all of Chryslers sins are forgiven.

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    If Lancia can make the Stratos HF again, in full Alitalia livery, then all of Chryslers sins are forgiven.

    Amen. Hell, I’d almost forgive GM’s sins for that.

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    Similarities?  It’s the same ad, right down to the suits getting out of the cars. 

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    Rod Panhard

    This is more about justice and human rights, rather than world peace. It’s an interesting pitch for a car company, perhaps unexplored territory. In the states, we’ve seen Toyota crowned as “green,” and Subaru crowned as “charitable.” Perhaps the folks at Fiat have looked that cost-per-unit of building Lancias and figured out it’s cheaper to build a Chrysler.

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    It’s easy: Lancia will be the European brand, Chrysler the American sister, kinda like Opel/Buick. No Chryslers in Europe, no Lancias in the US.
    On the other markets, the marketing suits will decide which brand will compete…

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    Here’s a suggestion for Chrysler’s first new “world peace” ad: a 300c SRT-8 doing a smoky burnout, with NWA playing in the background.

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    I was hopeful about Fiat, but not with advertising like this. That french dude in charge of global advertising has a lot to learn. This will go right over the heads of 95% of people watching these commercials. Americans are too stupid to know or care who these world figures are, most couldn’t even tell you who our current vice-president is. They should have Tiger Woods and Britney Spears step out of the cars. The empty seat could be for the late Michael Jackson. Have a glitter glove on the seat where he should be sitting. Sadly, these are the only “world figures” most Americans can identify.

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    I’m trying sooooooooo hard to find a way to disagree with your statement. Unfortunately… I can’t…

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    I hear you too … but on the other hand, you gotta start somewhere and I give them credit for trying a new approach. After all, North Americans probably glean more information from commercials than from the nightly newscasts.
    Plus it was obviously an inexpensive ad to produce … what with 100% of the creative and 80% of the actual footage already paid for / in the can.

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    Advertising like this is the height of hyprocisy and cynicism. Sure, let’s free all the political prisoners. Then let’s end racism, mysogyny, war, and pollution. What a crock of shit coming from the company that used bankruptcy to take the livelihood from dealers’ employees in small towns all over America and to dismiss claims of people injured in defective cars built by the “old” Chrysler. This type of insincere ego-stroking and mutual mental masturbation by ad agencies and marketing departments really frosts me. (It is sort of cool to see Gorby in the 300, however, since that ancient sled always did look sort of like a Russian staff car to me.) As a taxpayer I say, stop wasting my money on this nonsense and worry about selling some cars so you can pay me back at least a penny on the dollar that was extorted from me to throw down your rathole.

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    We don’t need Chrysler or Lancia.  My market research indicates a need for the Maxwell brand… also Perrier water is good, are phonographs.

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