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Spring break coming early in Brampton? (

Having planned to idle production plants for a mere ten days over the winter break, Chrysler is responding to weak sales by extending the holiday shutdown of several plants to three weeks or more. The WSJ reports that Chrysler’s Windsor and Brampton plants (minivans, 300/Charger/Challenger) will shut down starting December 21 and will idle through January 18. The Toledo plant (Jeep Wrangler) will also idle beginning on December 21, and will resume production on January 11. Chrysler is also said to be considering extended production shutdowns at its Detroit Viper factory (which is entering final production anyway) and an unspecified Ram plant. Unless December sales numbers turn out to be humdingers, this winter vacation could possibly go on even longer, as Chrysler struggles under falling sales and a 64-day supply inventory.

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19 Comments on “Chrysler Plans Another Long Vacation...”

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    While a 64-day inventory isn’t so bad, their sales trend is.  The idled workers ought to use the time off to find another occupation with a brighter future.

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      I am guessing that the buyouts were taking by the oldest workers? (UAW seniority rules).  But $100k payments (+) early retirement for some (at its height) vs. the job security of working at Chrysler, I’m surprised they were able to keep employees (I’m also guessing that those at +30 years would stay as they are already guarenteed pensions).  The younger workers may not have roots laid (house ownership, families, etc) and collecting that paycheck for as long as possible also not a bad plan.

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    I went down to the local dealer to buy a Rubicon.   None in stock.  They didn’t even offer to find one ot factory order one for me…  I guess the dealers lack confidence in Chrysler as well.

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    Not surprising considering their line-up is no better or different than it was earlier this year or last year inspite of the bankruptcy. I guess this is better than the action Chrysler used to take years ago where they kept manufacturing unwanted cars and just stacked them on various lots in Michigan and Ontario.

    If I were in the market for a Charger/300 etc. I would consider buying a used one. Go on Autotrader and there are zillions of them. The absolute number plus questionable resale value leads to good deals. 

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    When a car maker has to shut down half the time to avoid making too many cars, it tells me that there are too many car makers.    Someday, people (and especially politicians) will realize that the free market will naturally correct these situations if you just let it.

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    As mentioned at least they’re not building unordered inventory and storing it as was done so many times in the past. Finally they’ve learned that lesson. Living in SE MI I’m just crossing my fingers hoping they can hang in there long enough to get new product to market and for the market to improve.

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    “Chrysler’s Windsor and Brampton plants (minivans, 300/Charger/Challenger) will shut down starting December 21 and will idle through January 18. The Toledo plant (Jeep Wrangler) will also idle beginning on December 21″
    And they’re Chrysler’s better offerings. I can imagine that the plants that make the Sebring, Avenger and Caliber could still be idle from last winter’s shutdown without having much effect on the inventory of those vehicles.

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      Someone posted under the thread a couple of days ago about Chrysler November sales that Caliber had just gone back into production after a lengthy hiatus and there were virtually none in inventory as they were all sold under C4C (if I remember correctly there was a $4k rebate in addition to the $4,500 C4C credit and they were selling for around $9k). I live 20 minutes from the Sebring/Avenger plant and it is in production. I imagine they sold most of those under C4C too.

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    The last time Chrysler built cars without orders was due to Joe Eberhard, a Daimler exec. Ioccoca got rid of the sales bank and this genius Daimler exec bought it back. He made out ok though. Last I heard of him he was givin a Mercedes dealership as a going away present.

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    Windsor Assembly has been building 24K-25K minivans a month and selling less than 20K.  They are boosting production on December 7 to bring monthly production to about 30K, still selling around 20K.  Since returning from the bankruptcy hiatus, they have built about 20K more minivans than they have sold.  Running 3 shifts and operating at about 70% capacity.
    Brampton sold about 11K Chargers, 300s and Challengers combined last month and built between 17K and 20K.
    No wonder there is scheduled downtime.  Easy to build product you don’t need, then shut down plants and let unemployment pay your employees.  All done with the taxpayer’s money.
    I guess Marchionne really is a genius.

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    Gardiner Westbound

    Chrysler’s latest production hiatus sounds more like a <i>dirt nap</i>.

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    Chrysler: damned if they do, damned if they don’t…

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    You seem to be a wishful clueless brampton autoworker. The FACT is Chrysler sales are beyond bad. Last year was BAD and this is was 25% WORSE.  FACT
    `Chrysler LLC saw a modest decrease in the sales volume during the month of November in 2007. Chrysler LLC dealers sold 161,088 new vehicles during the month“
    FACT  Chrysler LLC today reported total November 2008 U.S. sales of 85,260 units`, down 47% from the same month last year.

    and this year november sales Chrysler sold an embarrassing 63,560 units which was DOWN 25% from last year. 

    Now do you wishful thinkers understand Chrysler will be bankrupt in 1-2 years.  This sales are beyond bad. you can not spin these pathetic numbers. Chrysler can retool all they want Fix It Again Tony can not fix chrysler. In FACT in europe JD power rates them poor in the UK, France , and Germany. If daimler could help Chrysler how will Fix It Again Tony (fiat)

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      How does spouting past sales numbers gurantee a continuation of those stats?
      You do know (as was stated in the post you are responding to) that retooling means that… there is a new model coming out.
      How could you be certain that with a brand new flagship sedan that those numbers are to continue?
      Not everyone in the general pubic can even remember Fiat being ever in the North American market,  the old funny little line doesn’t even apply anymore.
      Its very easy to postulate on the past of Chrysler, but dismissing what Sergio can do  is being negative for the sake of it, without look at his past.

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    “How does spouting past sales numbers gurantee a continuation of those stats?”

    Wow you autoworkers are stupid.

    November 2007  Chrysler sold 161,088
    November 2008 Chrysler sold    85,260
    November 2009  Chrysler sold   63,560

    This cold hard FACT speaks volumes of the public’s lack of interest in chrysler. Also Fiat is not known for quality and is NOT doing well outside of Italy. Fiat is a joke and was given a free company. Obama could not save GM and let Chrysler fail as this would not look good so he saved both. Chrylser for the past two to three years stood and did nothing and now find themselves three years behide the competition. Fix It Again Tony has a free kick at the can and it/when they fail they lose nothing.  The new lol cars are being put together in a matter of months. Also I am jeep or my tank is full are very poor and not well thought out ads.  Chrysler is going down and all the dreaming wouldn’t change that. You autoworkers at the plants are deluding yourselves into a false hope.

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    A student living Connecticut can now be considered an autoworker?
    Stop broad brushing and again consider that Chrysler’s past performance isnt completley indicitive of what is possible.
    Are you ignoring the fact that Fiat was in its death throes when Sergio took control. While they may not be Toyota, I would not consider them devoid of recent success.
    Things can not happen in an instance. Is it now the American way to insist upon instant results or failure?
    Instead of spouting useless conjecture, lets give it time to see if the plan has failed or worked.

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