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Make like a tree and leaf (courtesy: Businessweek)

Senator Corker, rest easy: the imports have your back. Tennessee-based Saturn may be shutting down, but Nissan is bringing the manufacture of their electric car, the Leaf, to Smyrna, Tennessee. Nissan made the announcement today as Rutherford County commission member voted to approve the funds required for the project. Under the scheme, Nissan will get $2.5 billion for the project plus a tax holiday of 20 to 40 years. In return, Smyrna will receive, up to, 1300 full time production jobs. That works out to be about $1.92 million per job. Not to mention a drop in tax revenue for the state. Let’s hope this Leaf is attached to an evergreen project and not a deciduous one.

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13 Comments on “Nissan Brings Leaf EV Production To Tennessee...”

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    It’s great that Nissan will build the leaf in Tennessee, but the cost seems out of whack. We sure do spend an awful lot of money in the name of keeping jobs. The real question is what happens when EVs don’t prove to be the future of automobiles, and the leaf only lives a few years?

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    Gee, isn’t this the home state of Bob “Government Has No Business Funneling Money to Car Companies” Corker?

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    20 to 40 year tax holiday? WTF?
    How about giving the workers a 20 year tax holiday so they can provide for their families and save a little for retirement?

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      Now now, GS, that would be entirely too sensible. And it would be akin to individual Welfare. As you’re well aware, the only way we can put the “fair” in “Welfare” is if we give it to ginormous companies…because it’s bound to trickle down…er something like that.
      Props to my home state for taking it on the chin one more time in the name of “good paying jobs” while screwing the pooch when it comes to future tax revenues. Bad enough many counties in Tennessee are having trouble keeping schools running, repairing rural roads, etc. My hometown has had sinkholes in the road from flooding that happened five months ago. A couple weeks ago, a truck– I’m talking a Robert Orr Sysco refrigerated semi truck– nearly got swallowed up in one of them. But Lord forbid we look to the Volunteer State’s general assembly to…er…Volunteer some matching funds so our strapped town government can get it fixed BEFORE trucks start disappearing into the hole!
      But I digress. This was Rutherford County’s decision, it sounds like. And a bad one, given the explosive growth rate in Rutherford County (thanks in large part to Middle Tennessee State University and the fleeing suburbanites from neighboring Metro Nashville/Davidson County.) Eventually, they, too will need money to build schools, repair overburdened roads and install city water pipelines. Just don’t go asking your neighbors or your big brother at the State Capitol to help– they’re already busy doling out huge tax breaks to VW for the Chattanooga plant.

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    Those numbers have gotta’ be broken? The USofA is truly screwed.

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    What a financial disaster.

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              Per the census bureau (, the population of Rutherford County is 250,000. With a per capita income of $20,000 (in 1999). Are each of those guys paying Nissan $10,000 for this thing? Or is the $2.5billion due to the same sort of accounting magic that allows the big banks to pretend they are solvent, money making institutions?

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    Doesn’t this mean more than just Nissan jobs? Suppliers, temp labor, construction & support staff should result in alot more than 1300 jobs…Any of the B&B know how many jobs support each autoworker?…I’d think those jobs lift homes prices, tax revenues & have a generally positive effect.

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    I do like the Leaf (but not its projected price), and hope it succeeds.

    I don’t like the corporate welfare.  Didn’t Michigan just sign up for a similar sellout?  Seems like a high price to attract 1300 jobs.

    Whatever happened to profitably paying your way through life in the business world?  TN would have paid a lot less to bring in 10 companies with 130 jobs each.

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    The 1300 and their families will buy homes, eat, drive and shop for stuff. In addition to that, suppliers, shippers, etc. Office supplies, equipment, furniture, etc.
    Not all of that stuff will come from Japan – the [for once, positive] ripple effect in action.
    Still, the tax breaks are a burden that will be borne by the residents and the future, to some extent – so real estate and income taxes will likely rise at some point. But (for the short term) things are rosy.

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    I have an idea why don’t we give each of those 1300 people the $1.92 million? That’s more money than they’re ever gonna see from those jobs.

    Oh, I forgot, when you give money to middle class people its’s called socialism. When you give it to corporations it’s called capitalism. Capitalism>Socialism, right?

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