Homework Assignment: Analyze October Sales Details (Links Provided)

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

We’re a little short-staffed right now (always?), the boss is on the road, and I’m a little bleary from my first day at the helm, so instead of staying up all night building spreadsheets,I’m going to give all you number junkies the links to the various companies’ press releases and their own detail tables and charts. Please share your thoughtful analysis with the rest of us lazy bums.

GM Ford Chrysler Toyota Honda Nissan Hyundai Subaru Mitsubishi Suzuk i VW Daimler BMW

Update: here’s an excellent set of charts and data at WSJ

Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Durwood Durwood on Nov 04, 2009

    I think all car companies have to have the msrp be close or they won't sell. People can go price cars now at each car companies website to compare against different brands. All i hear from some on here is how Fords prices were way out of line. Yet when i go price them against the competition like Toyota they are cheaper. A Fusion sport v6 was over a thousand cheaper then a comparably equipped camry. The new Taurus priced out cheaper then the Avalon and the Fusion and Taurus both had some options on them not available from Toyota.

  • Bunter1 Bunter1 on Nov 04, 2009

    Bridge2farr-Some items to consider. Last October sales GM -45% Ford -30% CryCo -35% Toy -23% Honda -28% GMs numbers only appear up because last October was a disaster, far worse than anyone else, and they piled more cash on the hood. In the real world they had an awful month, this is no rebound. Toyotas market share is steady with last year, GM off over 2% YTD. Ford is up nearly a full point YTD. Who's sinking? (Source: WSJ monthly statistics page). Hyundia's quality poor? Hey, the 90s are over. These guys passed GM and Cryco long ago. They are even ahead of Ford. In the latest CR survey only two Hyundia/Kia models were below average in reliability (GM put about 56% below that line). They are knocking on Toyondas numbers. Toyota even admits this is the one company that worries them. Never thought I would say it but Hyundia is on the threshold of being a great company. Well take it easy, but don't put any big bets on the General. Best regards, Bunter

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  • Jeff Tiny electrical parts are ruining today's cars! What can they ...
  • CEastwood From zero there is nowhere to go but up . BYD isn't sold in the U.S. and most Teslas are ugly azz 90s looking plain jane drone mobiles . I've only seen one Rivian on the road and it 's not looking good for them . I live out in the sticks of NW NJ and EVs just aren't practical here , but the local drag strip thrives in the warmer months with most cars making the trip from New York .
  • Lorenzo Aw, that's just the base price. Toyota dealers aren't in the same class as BMW/Porsche upsellers, and the Toyota base is more complete, but nobody will be driving that model off the lot at that price.
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