Curbside Classic Clue

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
curbside classic clue

Hank, who I’m pretty sure won a previous CC Clue, had some doubts about which year Olds we had on tap. His first guess was a ’51, and even though he changed his mind, we’ll honor his first shot at it. A lot of you also though it was a ’52; I started to have doubts and had to consult Google to make sure I wasn’t off base. Well, we won’t have that as an issue today, because our mystery vehicle was built for at least two or more years, so an ID without a specific date is going to fly. Happy fuel filler door memories!

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  • Dmrdano Dmrdano on Nov 19, 2009

    Ok, ok, so I'm not original. Sure looks like an S-10.

  • GrandCharles GrandCharles on Nov 19, 2009

    How about plymouth horizon?

  • Rpol35 Rpol35 on Nov 19, 2009

    Hank is getting too good, as I agree. As for the Oldsmobile, we had a '51 one I was very young; the easiest way to tell it apart from a '52 is the rear window. The '51 has a three-piece glass and the '52 has a single piece.

  • Carve Carve on Nov 19, 2009

    That is my first car- a Chevy S-10. Mine had the iron duke. While body integrity was terrible, all the mechanical parts were as reliable as could be until I sold it at 100k miles. Who here had water leaks in their S-10?