Quote Of The Day: Ask And Ye Shall Receive Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Ron: Is the new Chevy Cruze a rebranded Daewoo, or a genuinely novel GM product? I understand it will be assembled in the US.

Fritz Henderson: cruze is an all new vehicle developed as a true chevrolet. we will build the vehicle in our plant in lordstown, ohio.

Ron, that’s a great question, but you shouldn’t expect real answers from a GM livechat with Fritz Henderson. Yes, the Cruze was engineered in South Korea by Daewoo, but it’s not a developing-market-mobile with a bowtie like the first Cruze. And the Aveo. And the forthcoming Spark. It’s a global product, sold in different markets as the Daewoo Lacetti, the Holden Cruze and the Chevrolet Cruze. It’s even a pace car! But to answer your question, the major difference between the Daewoo pictured above and the US-market Cruze is engine options. Other than that… Dude, you’re getting a Daewoo!

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Anonymous Anonymous on Oct 11, 2009

    "GS650G : October 10th, 2009 at 11:37 am "Autosavant: Personally, I do not give a rat’s ass where the cars sold in the US come from. I will decide what is best for ME the consumer, and I advice everybody ELSE to do the same, that is how a HEALTHY GROWING economy works." (Which was 100% CORRECT when I wrote it, and it is still 100.00% correct NOW. Whether you understand it or not.) "Then you send tax dollars to the effort. " I am sending my tax dollars (AND you yours!) to the LOSERS AT GM and FIAT-CHRYSLER, with NO hope of accomplishing DIDDLY SQUAT!!!!! NOT where you think, and to the Cash-for-clunkers FISASCO RIPOFF that accomplished NOTHING! THESE is the trees you should bark under!!!! "I care when my paycheck is raided, a lot. " Then you will just be very, very unhappy. My own paycheck is ROUTINELY raided for things I will NEVER benefit. Besides the trillion-dollar debacles in IRAQ and Afghanistan, the Social Security tax, where my $ grossly subsidizes the poor, and I may not even ever see ONE DIME of SS payments, My Local propsery taxes that subsidize our schools to the tune of $1,000s a year, even tho I never had any kids in them, and the list is a mile long! "This isn’t about UAW issues or flag waving." Oh yes it is! AND it is EXCLUSIVELY for the AUTOMOTIVE FAT CATS! Where were YOU when all other 1,0009 of US industries went overseas as they MATURED and any third world nation could produce the goods at a far lower cost than we can? " It’s about billions being stolen from us and benefiting foreign companies and workers." GARBAGE, there are NO "foreign" companies, both the US companies and the foreign PUBLIC multinationals are open to anybvody that cares to buy their stock and benefit from their real or alleged profits! I did not see you complain when a TON of so-called "domestic" US cars are made in MEXICO and especially CANADA! "Make the Daiwoo workers pay a tax for the pleasure of building cars for sale here." This is LUDICROUS! We should do NOTHING of the kind, and there is NO pleasure involved above. BUT if you have evidence that KOREA is as narrow-minded and econ illiterate as you are, and IT forbids or heavily taxes imported cars there, THEN we should TAKE THEM TO COURT AND RETALIATE! "People like you who don’t care where their products came from are what got the country into the trade mess in the first place. Walmart mentality." This shows how HOPELESS and clueless you are. AS i was afraid, I cannot even bEGIN to educate you, and I do not even know if you will EVER understand the most common sense things. Go beach about walmart clueless person! WInstead of erecting a HUGE STATUE to Sam Walton in GRATITUDE for saving the 310,000,000 Amnerican CONSUMERS $10,000,000,000.00 A YEAR! But apparently you want only the RICH, like the Kennedys, to be able to afford some of these goods that now EVERYBODY can afford at WALMART, right? The Rockefellers and the Kennedys, I can assure you, never shop at walmart, and will not feel even 0.01% of the PAIN POOR americans will feel, if some econ illiterate, USDA choice Senile Moron CLoses it down.

  • Anonymous Anonymous on Oct 11, 2009

    Oh, and another thing: Even when total HYPOCRITES like you do as you SAY, and buy every OTHER thing from DOMESTIC manufacturers, and NOT just your made in mexico or canada cars and trucks from GM, Ford and CHrysler, even THEN I will not be willing to change my rational, common sense, and econ literate byuing decisions.

  • FreedMike FreedMike on Oct 11, 2009
    Pch101 : October 11th, 2009 at 10:53 am Why should GM apologize You missed my point. The fact is that the Cobalt is as reliable as the Corolla. That means the Cobalt is genuinely, no-shit reliable. That's NOT something to apologize for!
  • Pch101 Pch101 on Oct 12, 2009
    The fact is that the Cobalt is as reliable as the Corolla. That isn't a fact. The two earned the same score in the subcategory of drivetrain reliability, but the Corolla received a better score for overall reliability. But again, you're missing it. The GM product received a score of just "average." A company fighting for its life cannot afford to be just average. There isn't much reason for people to buy "average" when they get above average or excellent for a few more bucks. You should also have a bit of perspective. Toyota has 23 cars in this survey, inclusive of Scion and Lexus. Of those, 14 received the top score of "5". In contrast, GM has 41 entrants in this survey, excluding Saab. It earned only three scores of "5", and one of those was for the Pontiac Vibe, which of course was built on its behalf by Toyota. Now compare them for the bottom ranking. GM has seven vehicles with the bottom score of "2". Toyota has only one. (And if Toyota is smart, they'll view that as being one too many.) The two companies aren't even close to being on the same footing. The fact that this could be tolerable to anyone within GM, after all that has happened, is simply amazing. But since there is apparently no will to do anything about it, the likelihood of it being fixed aren't good.