New GM's New Executive Roster Looks Surprisingly Familiar. Or Not.

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Regular readers know that TTAC leans a little towards the “Inside Baseball” side of the auto industry. In this case, if we leaned any further, we’d fall down. But hey, many of us have come a long way together, shaking our heads in wonder as The General’s aide de camps stayed-up all night listening to Mohammed’s radio. Or something like that. Anyway, here’s a GM-related picture from’s Singapore snappers, taken during last year’s BBK International Motor Show. Make the jump for your New GM New Scorecard.

North America

Reporting to Bob Lutz, vice chairman of marketing and communications

Brent Dewar, vice president, global Chevrolet brand

Susan Docherty, general manager, Buick-GMC brands

Bryan Nesbitt, general manager, Cadillac brand

Jay Spenchian, executive director, marketing strategy support group

Reporting to Mark LaNeve, vice president of U.S. sales

Jim Bunnell, general manager, sales operations

Steve Hill, general manager, retail sales support

Kurt McNeil, general sales manager, Chevrolet brand

Ed Peper, general sales manager, Cadillac brand

Brian Sweeney, general sales manager, Buick-GMC brand


Gary Cowger, group vice president, global manufacturing and labor relations. Effective Dec. 31.

Ralph Szygenda, group vice president and chief information officer. Effective Oct. 1.

Troy Clarke, group vice president and president, GM North America. Effective Oct. 1.

Maureen Kemptson Darkes, group vice president, GM Latin America, Africa and Middle East. Effective Dec. 31.

International operations

The following executives will be GM International vice presidents, based in Shanghai

Jim Bovenzi, global purchasing and supply chain

Jim DeLuca, quality

Don Johnson, vehicle sales, service and marketing

Diane Jurgens, information systems and services

Nancy Ownes, human resources

Joe Peter, CFO

Therese Ryan, general counsel (followed by Ken Wong in June 2010)

Dan Sovran, alliances and business development

John Stadwick, aftersales

Eric Stevens, manufacturing

Johan Willems, communications

Steve Clarke, vehicle engineering

Lowell Paddock, program management and planning

Ken Parkinson, design

Also in Asia:

• At GM Daewoo, Mike Arcamone becomes president and CEO, replacing Michael Grimaldi, who is retiring, effective Oct. 1. Arcamone currently is vice president of GM Powertrain Europe.

At Holden, Alan Batey replaces Mark Reuss as managing director of GM Holden, effective Sept. 1. Reuss will return to the U.S. to assume a senior leadership role in global product development

Ray Bierzynski, vice president of engineering for GM Asia Pacific and executive director of China engineering, will return to the U.S. to assume a senior role in global product development.

Board of directors

5 new directors were appointed

Carol Stephenson, dean of Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario

Daniel Akerson, managing director, The Carlyle Group private equity group

David Bonderman, co-founding partner, TPG private equity firm

Robert Krebs, retired CEO, Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Patricia Russo, former CEO, Alcatel-Lucent

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Mtypex Mtypex on Jul 28, 2009

    Susan Docherty. Mark LaNeve. We'll still have the Old GM to kick around for some time to come!

  • Vento97 Vento97 on Jul 28, 2009

    Stay tuned for "Chapter 11 - Part Deux" - coming soon to a dealer near you....

  • Billccm I think we will see history repeat itself. The French acquired AMC in the 1980s, discovered they couldn't make easy money, sold AMC off to Chrysler. Jeep is all that remained. This time the French acquired FCA, and they are discovering no easy profits. Assume an Asian manufacturer will acquire what remains of Chrysler, but this time Jeep and RAM are the only survivors.
  • William I feel very sorry for those who attempt to use an attack on a product as a way to deprecate an individual whose politics they disagree with. They delude themselves and mislead others.
  • Arthur Dailey Have to admit that I love that interior colour. And also like the upholstery on the seats and the inside of the door panels. And when was the last time you saw a door hanging coffee cup holder? Some here probably didn't know that such a device existed.
  • Buickman this is about cars. I miss Robert.
  • 28-Cars-Later Can we end debt slavery next? Its getting to the point where its no longer voluntary.