Daily Podcast: The Wages Of Sin

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

$8.2m it turns out (yes, sins of omission count). Which is almost as much as the wages of investing in a fraudulent cellulosic ethanol firm. But what about Fritz, Lutz, LaNeve and the rest of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight? If Wagoner gets nearly $10m for overseeing consistent declines in sales and market share, and after being canned for the good of the nation, where’s the motivation for the old, new crowd? Ditto for the cellulosic ethanol industry, if Cello’s fraud leads to increased subsidies to get the Renewable Fuel Mandate back on track. Forget peak oil, it seems we’ve reached peak common sense. A while ago. Now, back to the cars.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Chuck Goolsbee Chuck Goolsbee on Jul 27, 2009

    The XK 120 won many races at the hands of all manner of drivers, in both sports and stock car racing (including the NASCAR event I mentioned in the review.) The factory built 2 or 3 special lightweight 120s, known as 'LT' cars. They were going to run at Le Mans but the C-types were completed before the need to use them. One of the lightweights, LT2 had a long and storied racing career here in the USA. --chuck

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