NADA Approves GM's Revised Dealer Agreement

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
nada approves gm s revised dealer agreement

Automotive News [sub] reports that the National Auto Dealers Association has given its (unofficial) stamp of approval to GM’s revised dealer agreement. The document, under which GM’s remaining dealers will operate, has not been made public, although we encourage dealers to share their information at our contact form. GM’s previous agreement had drawn heavy criticism at last week’s congressional hearing on GM and Chrysler’s dealer culling plans. “I especially commend GM for its flexibility and its willingness to make substantive clarifications and modifications to address dealer concerns,” NADA Chairman John McEleney said in the statement. “We believe GM has made a very good-faith effort, given the unprecedented circumstances facing GM and the industry.”

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  • Walkwalkfast Walkwalkfast on Jun 09, 2009

    I wouldn't want to further conspiracies, having not seen the full list 'saved' Minnesota GM dealers, it's quite a coincidence that Walser Bloomington is the first to have its execution stayed. Walser was the big GM dealer that the State and Met Council basically ran off its prime, and I mean prime, Bloomington property to hand it over to MN favorite son Best Buy's corporate HQ. A bit of a give-back? Maybe its nothing.