Chrysler, RIP?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
chrysler rip

Adding to the wild uncertainty surrounding Chrysler’s situation is the revalation that Fiat may can the firm’s eponymous brand. In a piece on Chrysler’d ad budget flexibility, Automotive News [sub] paraphrases a “source close to discussions” as saying that “Fiat is already studying whether to keep the Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler brands and might well eliminate the last.” A Chrysler spokeswoman reveals that “although she herself had heard that talk, it’s premature to speculate on whether it will happen.” Chrysler executives themselves considered killing off the Chrysler brand earlier this year but finally opted to keep it.

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  • DarkSpork DarkSpork on Jun 09, 2009

    Good riddance. Most of Chrysler's car's were just re-badges of their Dodges. If anything Jeep and Dodge would be the ones to keep. Dodge has: Their trucks, there are many people who buy the Ram trucks based on their styling, plus the Cummins powered truck is also very solid. I don't see the Challenger ever outselling the Mustang, but at least its a nice looking car. Jeep has: The Grand Cherokee is very popular out here, there are so many its nearly generic. The Liberty also sells pretty decently. The Wrangler has long been popular among off road fans. The compass and patriot could be axed, they really don't fit in the Jeep brand. Jeep should not be done away with, its the brand most Americans think of when they think of offroading. Chrysler has: The 300, its pretty popular, but its the same car as the Charger so there really is no need for it. The PT Cruiser is no longer popular, and was honestly a terrible car. There's no need for Chrysler. While we are talking about discontinuing brands, why doesn't GM get rid of GMC? Every model in the GMC lineup is also in Chevy lineup. Also, is there really a need for Buick? And for Ford, what's the point in the Mercury brand? Also just a bunch of re-badges.

  • Richard Chen Richard Chen on Jun 09, 2009

    @DarkSpork: retaining GMC is all about profit, it can't be dropped. And just because a brand is dropped doesn't mean that the customers won't go to another carmaker - see Oldsmobile, Plymouth Voyager.

  • MrDot MrDot on Jun 09, 2009

    Fiat/Dodge/Jeep dealers? Bizarre. If they survive for a few years, they can bring Chrysler back as a proper luxury brand. Re: GMC. The brand is kept so that BPG "sales channel" dealers (Just BG now?) have trucks to sell.

  • Carm Carm on Jun 09, 2009

    Well, as a recent purchaser of a Dodge Ram 1500, I would like to see them stick around for a while. This Ram brings hope that better things are to come from them.