What's Wrong With This Picture: Montezuma's Revenge Edition

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

“The new Terrain brings GMC’s history of innovation and engineering excellence into a smaller, fuel-efficient package for today’s buyer,” Buick-Pontiac-GMC vice president Susan Docherty said in a statement. “The capability attributes that make a vehicle a GMC are ingrained in Terrain, making it an appealing choice for existing traditional SUV customers who are looking for distinctive styling and increased efficiency.”

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Ole Stang Ole Stang on Apr 07, 2009

    Can a Honda Pilot mate with a GM? This would be the result. CUV's that are designed look like SUV's are FUGLY! There are a lot of FUGLY vehicles out, not all from GM, it seems like GM is leading the pack at the moment, let's wait to see it in person in 5 months.

  • P00ch P00ch on Apr 07, 2009

    This thing makes the Compass look decent.

  • SirRoxo SirRoxo on Apr 08, 2009

    Mmmm looks like somebody got inspired by Legos and Acura. I'd rather drive an older Jimmy.

  • Revolver1978 Revolver1978 on Apr 08, 2009

    The front doesn't bother me so much, not even the giant USB ports below the headlights. It's indicative of the New GLK, which is chunky and polarizing, but not horrible. What is horrible here is the side profile. The HUGE fenders are bad - they took the worst part of the HHR and made it worse. Somehow square fenders work better on the GLK.