Maserati GranTurismo MC: You Can't Touch This

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
maserati granturismo mc you can t touch this

Just what the world needed: another non-street legal Maserati. The GranTurismo MC arrives not-so-hot-on-the-heels of the 2004 Maserati Enzo (a.k.a. the MC12), of which Maser made solo 50. I know the trident brand has a storied racing heritage, but why is Maserati chasing the exact same market as Ferrari with a car that might as well be a Ferrari (if it isn’t already a Ferrari, seeing that it has a Ferrari engine)? Shouldn’t Maserati be building luxury GTs? Still, it looks like a bit of fun. Maserati is asking for €135,000 plus VAT (17.5 percent in the UK) for the MC hammer, and inviting owners to race in a “gentlemen’s” series. After you. No after YOU.

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  • Gforce Gforce on Apr 07, 2009

    Makes sense to have a Ferrari-Maserati overlap, to me at least. Not everybody wants to be seen as a poser I suppose. Must admit I can't afford either though, maybe hence the lack of offence to me.

  • Nick Nick on Apr 07, 2009

    Did they sell all 50 MC12s?

  • Stewart Dean Stewart Dean on Apr 07, 2009

    Oh goody, a car that looks like it comes out of Scuderia NASCAR! Gee guys, I thought the whole point of Italian high end machines (you can hardly call them cars) was the sense of incredible restrained power and elegance. It's only the restraint and elegance that separates a Pontiac GTO from the Ferrari GTO. I know, we can get Jan & Dean or the Beach Boy (is there more than one left?) to write a song, She's Real Fine My.... That'll sell me 'em like hotcakes Well I saved my pennies and I saved my dimes......

  • Davey49 Davey49 on Apr 07, 2009

    Restrained power and elegance won't help you beat Porsches, Corvettes and Mustangs. This car seems to made for Europe's version of World Challenge or Koni Cup.