"Chrysler Listens": How About A Stripped Down Caliber/Patriot?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
chrysler listens how about a stripped down caliber patriot

I know, right? I mean, both the Dodge Caliber AND the Jeep Patriot (snap!) made TTAC’s Ten Worst® (just kidding about the ®). A stripper Caliber would be unimaginably dire. And yet there it is: a poll question for the Chrysler Listens customer advisory board (death CAB for cutie). “How interested would you be in purchasing an ultra-base version® [just kidding again] of the Dodge Caliber (estimated MSRP $16,495) or the Jeep(R) [that actually is there] Patriot (suggested MSRP $17,495) if either were offered later this year?” Oh, and don’t forget “Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler LLC.” The odd thing is that someone—anyone—responded in the affirmative. What does that tell you?

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  • Clive Clive on Mar 24, 2009

    Call it the Caliber Nano--no A/C, no power accessories, vinyl seats and "carpet," untinted glass, no radio, one wiper, no power steering or brakes, etc. The new definition of "penalty box." Sold online only, bypassing dealers.

  • DweezilSFV DweezilSFV on Mar 24, 2009

    It's rear windows were pop out style as well, they didn't roll down. The Plymouth Road Runner started the basic [stripped] intermediate with the big V8 trend of the late 60s. Dodge got their version later in the model year. The RR was Motor Trend's Car Of The Year. Again: the question wasn't Would you rather buy lightly used over new ? And 65% said they weren't interested in the 1st place in either the Caliber or Patriot. But why turn down an opportunity to trash Chrysler when you've got it ? That makes the question irrelevant I guess. "Lightly used?' at the rate Chrysler sold their products to the rental fleets ? Sorry. I would rather have a "stripped" vehicle with options that I wanted on it not what was prepackaged or that wasn't wanted. I would rather have the choice than not have it. I am buying a car not a condo. I don't need all that electronic crap on it. If someone wants that electric bidet go ahead choose that option and buy it. But you pay for it when it breaks down. And while it may be worth nothing on TTAC there is still the "lifetime warranty" for the original owner [Not applicable to lightly used or vehicles sold to fleets]. And yes, with a Chrysler product or any domestic the warranty is important as hhas been well documented on this and many other sites, as well as the crash and burn of carma catching up with GM & Chrysler. But then many would find a life time with a Dodge Caliber worse than 4 seasons in Hell, so the point remains moot. I think the "used vs new" angle would make a good "Hammer Time", but it never makes sense to buy new. And it's been discussed to death You could get a used fully loaded 2000 Maxima for $6995. But that wasn't the point of the article. If that was the case, why buy anything new at all ? How far down the scale do we want to take this ?

  • Nick Nick on Mar 24, 2009

    Canadians will buy it. (I am Canadian.) Generally we are very parsimonious when it comes to cars and a stripper at a comparatively low price would probably have broad appeal. (There's a joke in there somewhere about 'strippers', but I am too tired...)

  • Edmond Dantes Edmond Dantes on Mar 25, 2009

    No. Never.