Bailout Watch 383: White Collar Buyouts Banned

bailout watch 383 white collar buyouts banned

The Freep reports that GM will not be offering the customary buyout offers to its white-collar employees as it seeks to cut its salaried ranks by double digit percentages. Huh? The General’s offering its UAW workers $20k and a $25k car voucher to bugger off. Turns out GM’s bailout agreement with the government prohibits the ailing automaker from using GM’s pension fund to pay for those kiss-off packages– as it has done in the past. Specifically, the loan states that “the prohibitions on benefit increases under this covenant include… a prohibition on the creation or… payment of any obligations associated with any plant shutdowns, permanent layoffs, attrition programs or other workforce-reduction programs after the effective date.” And guess what? With the pension fund piggy bank cut off, there’s nowhere else to get the money!

The Freep says that’s why the current UAW buyout offer is so much worse than the $100k+ packages of the past. As UAW workers are contractually guaranteed work through the end of the contract period, GM is still willing to dip into its (dwindling) operating cash to buy them out. White collar workers, on the other hand, meh. They can just be fired.

So that’s what’s happening. In fact, GM has even reduced severance pay for its hapless managers (gee, these guys should unionize) from the traditional one month salary per year served.

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  • GS650G GS650G on Feb 10, 2009

    well if the government is going to trim salaries of executives the little guys are going to pay for it too. The law of unintended consequences.

  • SandyOHannon SandyOHannon on Jul 12, 2012

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  • EBFlex This is nothing compared to what Ford is doing. The fake lightning is seeing massive price increases for 2023. Remember how they self pleasured themselves about the fake lightning starting under $40k? In 2023, the price jumps by a very Tesla like $7,000. And that’s not the biggest price jump. And much less talked about, the government fleet discounts are going away. So for a basic 3.3L Explorer, the price is jumping $8,500. S basic F150 is also now $8,500 more. Im sure the same people that complained about the oil companies making “obscene profits” will say the same thing about Ford.
  • Bobbysirhan Sometimes it seems like GM has accepted that the customers they still have are never going to come to their senses and that there aren't any new dupes on the horizon, so they might as well milk their existing cows harder.
  • Buickman how about LowIQ?
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