No G8 ST? I'll Take A Torrent

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
no g8 st i ll take a torrent

When Pontiac picked the name “G8 ST” from 8k entries to its “Tame The Name” competition, it was obvious that weak-wristed marketing would be a major component in its Aussie lite-ute’s American campaign. After all, the most, erm, unique vehicle in the GM lineup would surely need a good old-fashioned ferocious animal or force of nature name to succeed. And now that the G8-amino has been canceled, its namer has confirmed the mundanity of the instincts behind the ST moniker. reports that the Name Tamer, Joseph Warren, was supposed to receive an ST for his excellence in humdrummery. But with the ute canceled he’s opted for a Pontiac Torrent. That’s right, G8 ST lovers, the obvious replacement for your symbol of individuality is a brand-engineered Theta-platform crossover. Oh sure, Warren picked the “hot” GXP version with 268 hp, 18 inch 5-spoke chrome wheels, twin hood scoops, and “a unique front and rear body kit.” And yes, the choice of any $30k Pontiac product is a little like picking the most subtly elegant Steven Seagal movie. But c’mon, a Torrent? No Solstice? No G8 Sedan? No wonder “G8 ST” was all this guy could come up with. Just sayin’.

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  • Brush Brush on Jan 16, 2009

    just resurect the holden "crewman" ute. 4 doors and the tray. And was available in AWD.

  • Foolish Foolish on Jan 16, 2009

    He should have asked them for a G8 sedan and a Sawz-all. DIY G8ST

  • Rev Junkie Rev Junkie on Jan 17, 2009

    Instead of wasting development money on the Torrent, just make the Vibe into a version of the Matrix XRS into the hot hatch it was meant to be. Stick in the 2.0L turbo from the Cobalt SS, hitch it to an AWD system developed for that engine used in Europe on the Insignia SRi 4x4, and call it the Vibe GXP, a smaller AWD alternative to the HHR SS.

  • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Jan 17, 2009

    You'd think they'd be nice enough to offer him a GMC truck, especially since they are in the same GM division.