Ask the Best and Brightest: Is The Ram the One Thing Chrysler Does Right?

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  • Jack Baruth Jack Baruth on Jan 29, 2009

    "Americans just can’t build a decent automatic transmission. Any of them." I feel compelled to ask: Who's building a better one? ZF? (snicker) Mercedes-Benz? (chuckle) Aisin/Toyota? (guffaw) Honda? (long, "hocking" laugh, ending with a choking sound)

  • Tedward Tedward on Jan 29, 2009

    wow, for all the hate that the B&B dole out to Chrysler (myself certainly included) it seems like a significant number of their products strike a chord. The Wrangler is a true standout, my friend's gf has one (loaded rubicon 4-door) and I'm super impressed by it. Even the crappy plastic in the interior works, and belongs, in this car. The LX's are also unique. No one else is offering this product, period. My family had a Ram for towing purposes when I was in high school. It was brand new, looked very crisp and had a nice interior space. It also went through three transmissions almost immediately. The dealer mechanic himself referred to the auto trans. as a "boat anchor" within earshot of my dad and I. I was driving an 86 F-250 at the time and towing duties quickly became my job, leaving the Ram for use as my mother's city commuter (!NY!). Sad.

  • Carm Carm on Jan 29, 2009

    I like the new Ram, I think that is much better looking than the Ford F-150. Ford's move to make the 150 look like the 250+ is a mistake. The Chevy is bloated, they should have used the Tahoe front end. The GMC is better looking than the Chevy. I don't understand why everyone beats up the Jeep Commander. It's looks more like a Jeep than the Grand Cherokee, has more room, and from my account here is Western PA, more sales the the GC. The new designs for the 300 and 200 from Chrysler seem to be spot on. Maybe a bit to late, but at least there is a family resemblance. A mistake they made with the 300/Sebring.

  • Scorched Earth Scorched Earth on Jan 29, 2009

    Shotty 300C.