Bailout Watch 316: Chrysler "Thank You America" Blog Blows Up in Their Face

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
bailout watch 316 chrysler thank you america blog blows up in their face

Click on over to Chrysler’s blog for a look at the anger unleashed by the ailing automaker’s full-page (and Google key word) “Thank You” ads. (Either glasnost has suddenly infected ChryCo’s secretive owners or, more likely, the site’s moderator took the week off.) The first comment by “Hey Chrysler! You’re not welcome. You took my hard earned tax dollars without congressional approval. This is not the time for a ‘thank you.’ This would be a good time for a refund…and an apology.” With a few notable though still critical exceptions, it gets progressively angry from there. spalind: “Bunch of scumbags…Nardopey and Cerberdolts can stick it…the VAST majority of the American public is against any sort of bailout for you or GM and yet you steal our money anyway…Are you and the other CEOs and investment bankers going to come bail me out when I lose my job?? Didn’t think so… I’ll NEVER buy a Chrysler or GM product–EVER–and either will any of my current or future family members I will make sure of it…” There is only a handful of positive response, like this one by corie: “think the Thank you was a great idea. It would be nice for every person connected to employment in the automotive industry to say thank you to every person driving an american made car. Thank you to those who BUY AMERICAN!” But as this non-scientific sampling indicates, there’s a bailout blowback blowin’ in the wind. When GM, Chrysler and then Ford return to the well, they’d do well to play their PR cards more carefully than this early and deeply reviled attempt.

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  • Davey49 Davey49 on Jan 02, 2009

    jkross22- I could easily say that I think every Chrysler product would serve my needs just as easily and as well as all Japanese or Korean brand cars with a few exceptions. Personally I like the Dodge and Jeep SUVs and Trucks better than all the foreign brands. I like the Patriot, Liberty, Nitro, Commander and Durango better than just about everything on the market now. I like the appearance of the Avenger better than any other mid size sedan. The seats are uncomfortable. I've never driven one. I don't like the appearance of the Camry or Sonata. Your Chrysler is "crap" opinion is just an opinion, saying it loud or repeating it doesn't make it true. My answer would be: Jeep Patriot here's a question for you- Have you ever liked a Chrysler product?

  • Macca Macca on Jan 02, 2009
    Davey49 - "Your Chrysler is “crap” opinion is just an opinion, saying it loud or repeating it doesn’t make it true." I wouldn't say it's an opinion, I'd say that when it comes to particular models, it's fact, no matter how hard that is to admit. Here's a tidbit from Consumer Reports: "Chrysler trails the pack. Almost two-thirds of its products rate below average for reliability. The redesigned 2008 Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans earned low scores, as did the Chrysler Sebring V6 and Dodge Avenger sedans and the Jeep Liberty SUV. The Sebring Convertible has the worst score: 283 percent worse than average. The only above-average models are the Dodge Caliber hatchback and Jeep Patriot SUV." To make matters worse, my own family members have been affected by this dismal reliability. In 2006 my brother bought his wife a Pacifica. Admittedly, I was impressed with the interior design and it seemed like a very practical crossover. Around 30k miles the steering rack broke. Luckily it was under warranty, but they decided to trade it for...wait for it...a 2008 Sebring! Guess what - around 10k miles, it started making the same tell-tale steering noises as the Pacifica (shocking, I know). Searching the net reveals that this steering rack issue (among many, many others) is not uncommon. "here’s a question for you- Have you ever liked a Chrysler product?" It would have to be a) Dodge Viper, b) 'Cuda (and other assorted muscle cars from the late '60s to early '70s). Other than that I've rarely found Chrysler's styling to my liking, and most of what I've heard about them is that they're not as reliable as the competition. From unbelievably cheaply-built K-cars to the LeBaron to the Neon (all cars I've had close experience with friends/family) I've always had the feeling that Chrysler products weren't for me. I would not be sad to see them go, especially considering they took taxpayer money when Cerberus has money at hand.

  • Davey49 Davey49 on Jan 03, 2009

    Nothing is "fact" when it comes to cars. Everyone has a bad or good story. Why not just have the cars fixed? Why does everyone freak out and get rid of a car when one thing breaks? My Saturn has had a seized AC compressor and a loose control arm bushing. I had them repaired, I still own the car. I'll repair whatever else comes up. As long as I don't destroy the car somehow I'll keep it to 2015-2020

  • Nonce Nonce on Jan 03, 2009

    I will give great credit to Chrysler if they leave this blog up.