UAW Suspends Jobs Bank, Approves VEBA Delay

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
uaw suspends jobs bank approves veba delay

United Auto Workers Boss Ron Gettelfinger held an emergency meeting with union local officials in Detroit today to discuss possible concessions aimed at bolstering the case for an automaker bailout. The result of that meeting was an agreement to suspend the union’s controversial Job Bank program, and to allow the D3 to delay making payments to the VEBA retiree health care trust in 2010. The VEBA fund has long been posited as a potential solution to Detroit’s liquidity issues. Reuters reports that the UAW would consider other changes to the 2007 labor contract with the American automakers, but that all changes must still be approved by union members. Gettelfinger called the decision “the responsible thing to do,” noting that discussions with the automakers are ongoing.

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  • Lokki Lokki on Dec 03, 2008

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  • Spaniard Spaniard on Dec 03, 2008

    Is that poster with the snake actually an UAW poster?. If it is, the company allowing that parasitical union inside its guts really deserves to die.

  • Tulsa_97sr5 Tulsa_97sr5 on Dec 03, 2008

    So the UAW might maybe consider some more concessions maybe, and Big Rick might think about working for a dollar, for a while, maybe. It's like they are all dipping their toes in when they should have been swimming for their lives 2yrs ago.

  • Indi500fan Indi500fan on Dec 03, 2008

    @ Spaniard funny thing is that UAW local is at Freightliner Truck in North Carolina