Question Of The Day: What Is Nardelli Driving To The Bailout Hearings?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
question of the day what is nardelli driving to the bailout hearings

So, we know Ford’s Alan Mullaly is driving from Detroit to DC in an Escape Hybrid, and GM’s Rick Wagoner is pushing a Malibu Hybrid from Motown and exchanging it for a Cruze/Volt mule to drive (carefully!) the final two miles to the capitol. We even know that UAW Boss Ron Gettelfinger will be *gasp* flying to the hearings, thanks to the fine reporting at Jalopnik. Then again, Gettelfinger had concession-scrounging duty today while the executives and their symbolic vehicles are frantically prepped for their big day at the Capitol. Only Chrysler’s Bob Nardelli has yet to publicize his vehicle of choice, and I’m wondering what the hell he’s gonna show up in. As Fox points out, if he takes the easy route and rolls up in a Hybrid Durango or Aspen, he’ll be “riding a dead horse to Washington.” Chrysler canceled its only hybrids a short week after launching them this October, and will be shutting down the factory that made them this month. Then there’s the famous EV vaporware that Chrysler pulled out of nowhere, but the risk of national humiliation is a big load for these unproven vehicles to carry. So what, a Sebring and a prayer? If I were him I’d be tempted to say “NSFW it” and show up in a black Challenger R/T. Preferrably modified in such a way that violates as many emissions and noise regulations as possible. That would show them who’s begging. So what’s your guess?

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  • JJ JJ on Dec 04, 2008

    This clearly shows Chryco has nothing going for it right now doesn't it? I was going to suggest K-car, but then again it does send a mixed message in too many ways (and, someone beat me to it). I would like the Challenger/Viper option, but politicians (in general) are not going to appreciate that kind of hybris. They rather see the big men humiliate themselves in some hybrid and the consequently still get fooled into thinking that hybrid is in fact eco-friendly. With that in mind I wouldn't say it's a bad idea for Nardelli to drive (the last 3 miles) in one of those Tesla-esque Lotus Europas driven by batteries and propelled by a Dodge sticker on the side of them. The politicians won't know it's a Lotus anyway, and thus will all be mad impressed by the added lightness and added batteries...

  • Rpol35 Rpol35 on Dec 04, 2008

    I think he should just walk; complete with a hobo stick over his shoulder. He can tell the committee that Chrysler is so broke they couldn't spare a car or the gas to put in it.

  • AG AG on Dec 04, 2008

    As a private equity firm employee, I'd say he's just as out of touch as ever. He'll still take a private jet.

  • Rev Junkie Rev Junkie on Dec 15, 2008

    I'd drive a Hennessey Venom 1000 Twin-Turbo Viper SRT-10. Even if global warming existed, the hot air from Congress would outweigh that of any gas inhaling turbo Viper.