Question of the Day: Chrysler Sebring or Toyota Corolla?

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
question of the day chrysler sebring or toyota corolla

Yesterday was fun. For me at least. Seriously, as someone who thinks about cars all the live long day it is always fascinating to get inside other peoples’ heads and see how they perceive those lovable hunks of steel, cloth and plastic. So, doing Crown Vic vs. Camry was actually interesting and informative, not just petty and vindictive. Today we’re going to focus on two other cars that don’t interest me in the slightest. The first is the very worst new car I’ve ever driven and the second is by far and away the most boring. I ain’t kidding around here people — when Chrysler’s obituary is written, the Sebring should take center stage. Remember, it’s the car they released after the smash success of the 300C. Sad times. But at least the Sebring has a (optional) motor with some guts. The Corolla is like driving chloroform. Snore says I, big time snore. And so if I was forced to choose, I’d actually pick the Chrysler. While holding my nose, of course. You?

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  • Njoneer Njoneer on Dec 17, 2008

    I can sort-of understand why someone would buy a Corolla: they hate cars. If I hated cars but still needed to drive one, I would also choose the one that neither pleases nor offends. On the other hand, I cannot understand why anyone would buy a Sebring. They hate themselves?

  • Hapless Hapless on Dec 17, 2008

    2009 Toyota Corolla MSRP: 15,350 Invoice: 14,198 2009 Chrysler Sebring MSRP: 20,515 Invoice: 19,9009 Not only would you have to enjoy the gutless, leaking, rattling piece of shit that is the Sebring, you have to be willing to pay an extra $5k for those privileges.

  • Ptrott Ptrott on Dec 17, 2008

    I have driven Chryslers for years and sold them. Honest to god, they are not nearly as bad as you think. Yes, the interiors can be poor to downright gross, however, they dont fall apart in your hands like you want people to believe. My friends X5 has had more stuff break in the interior and mechanically than I have ever had with my Chryslers. Most cars are horribly boring today and so are the drivers.

  • Beken Beken on Dec 17, 2008

    Quite awhile ago, this situation arose. My wife traded in a Corolla for a Plymouth Sundance. The Corolla was so underpowered and handle so poorly that we just had to get a car with a bit more torque to climb the hills where we lived. The Chrysler product fit the bill for those requirements. The engine had decent torque and it handled (cornered) much better. However, fit and finish on the Chrysler was absolutely atrocious. As well, the engine cam bearing leaked and Chrysler's remedy was to ignore it until it was to big a leak. Then slop on a gob of tar (for all to see) to plug the leak. 3 car thefts and break-ins later, we got rid of the Sundance. To this day, the person that bought the Corolla from us is still driving it. The Sundance is long gone thought I still see a few on the road from time to time. Then came the Neon and Calibers of which we never gave a thought to test out since. No contest. If I wanted a small economical car just to drive and I wasn't a car enthusiast, the Corolla wins. Even though I think the current Corolla's sitting position is kind of dorky.