Cadillac SRX and Chevy Equinox Get New 3.0-liter Direct-Injected High-Feature V6

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
cadillac srx and chevy equinox get new 3 0 liter direct injected high feature v6

GM Inside News (GMI) is reporting that the next gen Cadillac SRX– an “all new” badge-engineered Saturn Vue if there ever was one (was there?)– and the new Chevy Equinox– a fuel-cell powered CUV if there never was one (was there?)– will both be blessed with GM’s new 3.0-liter direct-injected High-Feature V6. And what’s one of them, you ask? GMI reckons its a 250hp, uh, engine. Although our good friends over at Autoblog are happy to disregard GMI’s info-strictures (“Those were RUMORS though and they are very old rumors”), they’re happy to peg the new motor’s mileage at just under 30mpg (highway?). Should GM make it to that most magical of model years (2010), the Caddy CUV will also have a larger engine option (the CTS’ 3.6-liter V6, not a V8) and the Equinox will have a more CAFE-compliant po-folks 2.3-liter four, good for… moving the CUV from place to place.

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  • 1169hp 1169hp on Nov 04, 2008

    JEC: 10-4 on all of that. I'd like to see the aforementioned 3.0 ltr. placed in the Malibu with a proper six speed manual. I'm probably in dream land though. This is of course if GM exists long enough to make a progressive decision like that.

  • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on Nov 04, 2008
    This is the first American motor that makes respectable naturally aspirated hp per litre. It’s been a long time coming, when everyone else around the world has had this kind of hp/litre for years. Who cares about hp/L, it's all about hp/cam!

  • KixStart KixStart on Nov 04, 2008

    I hope Pontiac, GMC and Buick will get versions of this. I'd hate to see them suffering for lack of first-class badge-engineered product.

  • Scrubnick Scrubnick on Nov 05, 2008

    The 3.0L V6 in my Stealth made at the end of 1990 makes 222hp. It took 18 years to get 30 more hp?