Bailout Watch 239: Detroit's Caravan Of Love

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
bailout watch 239 detroits caravan of love

Stung by the public outcry over Jet-Gate, Detroit’s automakers are orchestrating a “cavalcade of fuel-efficient American-brand vehicles to Washington, D.C., in December, when Congress reconsiders the industry’s plea for quick action on low-interest loans,” according to the Detroit Free Press. “The aim,” intones the Freep, “is to put a populist face on the need for the American auto industry’s survival and to build grassroots support for federal aid, in the wake of criticism that the Detroit Three chief executive officers and UAW President Ron Gettelfinger did not make a convincing case during two days of congressional hearings last week.” The Caravan of Love will include auto suppliers, dealers and the UAW, escorting Detroit’s finest in a grand processional of pathos to the Mother Of All Beggin Bowls, though they’ll probably skip on the whole Respica te, hominem te memento” bit. The events will begin with a December 7th rally in Hart Plaza, then the “cavalcade” would head to Washington, with stops along the way for rallies and news conferences. Things will wrap up with yet more testimony from Detroit’s newly-clothed-with-glory CEOs, and the ceremonial presentation of a giant check for $25b. Hallelujah, I’ve got the spirit!

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  • TaurusGT500 TaurusGT500 on Nov 25, 2008

    This is a no-win deal for these guys. If they drive now they're shamelessly pandering and if they fly the G5s they're clueless. Mullaly (since he's leading the team that actually has a plan, a clue, and a shot) ought to just say, "Screw this... fire up the Gulfstream boys." ...Then caravan Town Cars from Dulles to the steps of the capitol.... and leave them idling the entire time Congress is grandstanding and pontificating. Oh yeah ...and I suggest the menu for their in-flight snack ought to be fricaseed spotted owl and snail darter soup.

  • Stu Sidoti Stu Sidoti on Nov 25, 2008

    Quote: " Last I checked, they’re closing Oshawa Truck, which builds–wait for it–GMT900s. I think it’s safe to say they’re running only the cheap plants at this point."-psarhjinian I wrote: " the GMT900 plants are working 2 and 3-shift OT to build enough FS SUVs to satisfy the Central American and the Middle Eastern markets"....Notice the 'SUV' portion of that comment?!?! That means that I was referring to the SUV portion of the GMT900 line....Oshawa Truck only builds the extended cab and crew cab light duty Pickups...not the SUVs. Silao, Mexico, Arlington, Texas and Janesville, Wisconsin, the three SUV plants are currently ALL working OT-shifts (only running the cheap plants, huh?) to keep up with demand so your assertion that just because a light truck plant is scheduled to close sometime next year means that GMT900 SUVs are not selling well in the world's markets is totally baseless...That would be like saying that because Honda Ridgelines are not selling well that Honda Pilots must not be selling well. Check your facts...Oshawa Truck builds light-duty trucks, not SUVs. Here check this link from GM about Oshawa Truck if the TTAC Spam Filter will let it be posted...

  • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on Nov 25, 2008
    Check your facts…Oshawa Truck builds light-duty trucks, not SUVs. Here check this link from GM about Oshawa Truck if the TTAC Spam Filter will let it be posted… The point is, Oshawa makes a high-quality product. Heck, they've won awards for it. Awards, I might add, that are global, not restricted to domestic automakers and--this is important--not puff pieces like Car Of The Year or 10Best. GM pushed the hell out of this fact in their advertising. Maybe I'm being petty and regional, but I wouldn't shutter my highest-quality plant when by my own admission I'm facing perception problems. Of course, I'm not GM, doing the corporate equivalent of looking under the couch cushions for loose change. I maintain that shutting Oshawa and moving the GMT900 trucks for Mexico sends exactly the wrong message, which is: "When given a choice between cheap and good, we'll choose cheap."

  • Stu Sidoti Stu Sidoti on Nov 25, 2008

    Quote: " The point is, Oshawa makes a high-quality product. Heck, they’ve won awards for it. "-psarhjinian If you are referring the the J.D. Power Gold Award that Oshawa won, that was for the Oshawa One and Two Plants that produce cars, not trucks. Oshawa 1&2 produces LaCrosse, Impala, Monte Carlo etc...I don't know of an award for the Oshawa Truck Plant which coincidentally is right across the street from the Oshawa Car Plants. BTW that same award-winning car plant is now producing the Camaro and will produce any other Zeta platform that GM hopes to build in North America but unless they find some cash....