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Interesting photo. Either Bruce is majorly pissed about something the photographer said or did (see: Winston Churchill Karsh), or he’s finally perfected the art of looking like a something other than an endlessly pampered, egomaniacal movie star. Anyway, his timing for this sale sucks. Anyone who clings to the belief that prices for vintage muscle cars will defy the gravity of the stock market is seriously deluded. By the time this deal goes down– Saturday, October 25 at Bonham’s in LA— the muscle car market will have tanked. Are there enough “crotch sniffers” (nice one Stephan) who’d pay a premium to own a muscle car owned by a man famous for saying “Yippie ki-yay, motherfucker”? I doubt it. It’s one thing to own an example of the breed purchased by Steve McQueen (or similar) back in the day. It’s another to own a muscle car bought by a celebrity who uses it to pose like a tough guy, even though the toughest thing about him is his agent.

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9 Comments on “Bruce Willis Muscle Cars For Sale...”

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    He can’t afford the gas or he’s dumping ’em before the prices hit rock bottom?

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    I am noticing a trend with the rim choice.

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    Is a Bruce Willis muscle car more expensive than a non star’s muscle car?

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    Billy Bobb 2

    Gee Mr Willis, mind if I sniff the passenger seats?

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    Stephan Wilkinson

    I did an article awhile ago for a collector-car website about “star power,” and the opinion of the serious auctioneers and specialists that I interviewed was that the star power of the Oprah Winfreys, Bruce Willises and Hank Williamses of the world was fool’s gold.

    Many of the truly serious collectors in Europe or the Middle East will say “Who?” if you mention that a car was owned by Paris Hilton or Bruce Willis. It’s only jerks and jock-sniffers that fall for this, with the rare exception of true car people like Steve McQueen, Roberto Rossellini (I’m showin’ my age…) or the Marquis de Portago. Oh, yeah, and Mussolini: one of his Alfas recently sold well, in large part because it had been raced in teh Mille Miglia. By il Duce’s chauffeur, not the fat guy himself.

    But that Willis owned a car doesn’t mean much more than that 50 Cent did, in terms of provenance if not of ultimate fame.

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    Bozoer Rebbe

    But that Willis owned a car doesn’t mean much more than that 50 Cent did, in terms of provenance if not of ultimate fame.

    Maybe, but I think celebrity ownership might make proving aspects of provenance a little easier. Also, some celebrities, like Reggie Jackson or Jay Leno, are considered knowledgeable collectors so I’d suspect something out of their collections might get a little bounce in price.

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    Is the phony tough-guy shill for neo-conmen going to donate the proceeds toward the care of crippled Iraq War Vets? Call me cynical, but I doubt it.

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    Stephan Wilkinson

    Bozoer Rebbe, it absolutely gets a bounce in price, but that doesn’t mean it’s valid, Among the Barrett-Jackson crowd, they’ll go crazy for a Dean Martin car or an Elvis Presley Cadillac (of which there are maybe a claimed 20 “real ones” out there). Among the RM, Russo & Steele, Goodings, Sotheby bidders etc. just an anmused chuckle.

    Reggie Jackson was just a rich amateur, which has turned out to be worth a buck two ninety-eight. Steve McQueen walked the walk, which has proved to be worth millions in both his Ferrari sold last year and his 911 Turbo this year.

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    Maybe “The Bruce” is going green?

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