Edmunds' Headline Blatantly Lies. Again.

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
edmunds headline blatantly lies again

It was just a month ago that Edmunds was falsely claiming they had the “World’s First Test of the VW Jetta TDI.” Now Edmunds InsideLine is at it again, this time lying about the Nissan 370Z. The article lead, which appears on the InsideLine home page, says “First Photos of the 2010 370Z Convertible.” Except that under the pictures, the caption reads: “This photo illustration offers an early look at the future Nissan 370Z convertible. (Photo illustration by Nick Wilcox).”

The phrases “photo” and “photo illustration” don’t mean the same thing. If they did, the Weekly World News would be unbelievably successful and Sarah Palin really would be holding that baby and gun in her bikini. And by the way, even if “photo” included “photo illustration,” Edmunds wouldn’t be first; Japanese car magazines have been photoshopping the 370Z for several years already.

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