Bailout Watch 127: GM Might Be Ineligible For Bad-Loan Bailout

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
bailout watch 127 gm might be ineligible for bad loan bailout

The GM-Chrysler bailout article in today’s New York Times (written by Edmund Andrews and our friend Bill Vlasic) just recaps yesterday’s bailout news. But it raises an interesting point. The argument thus far has been that auto manufacturers (namely Chrysler and GM) would be entitled to the Treasury Department’s bad loan buy ups (TARP) because they have large credit arms. Except for one glitch: General Motors only owns 49% of GMAC (the NY Times article oddly reports the reverse “General Motors … spun off 49 percent of its financing unit, the General Motors Acceptance Corporation.”) As a result, even if GMAC qualifies as a financial institution, General Motors would not. This isn’t the same as Ford, which wholly owns Ford Credit. Fortunately for GM, as Vlasic notes, the government will find a way, one way or the other, to put cash in GM’s coffers. Until GM blows through that, too.

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  • Menno Menno on Oct 28, 2008

    Now we have the rationale for GM wanting GMAC back (and if Cerberus is smarter than the average Bear - sorry about the Wally Stree pun - they'll demand GM takes Chrysler off their hands, too...)