Bailout Watch 118: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

bailout watch 118 matchmaker matchmaker make me a match

The Detroit News reports that Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) has stated that he believes the federal government should play shadchan for an ailing Chrysler.”If they need support to make some kind of merger between Chrysler and another auto company, we need to do that,” said Levin at a Detroit Economic Club debate. Levin is “heavily favored to win his sixth term over Hoogendyk, who has little money and low name recognition,” pundificates the DetNews. So was Senator Levin aware that the Chrysler-GM merger would likely mean the end of some 40k American jobs? According to The DetN reporter, “Levin said afterward that he worried that a potential merger could result in job losses, but said it would be preferable to seeing one of the Big 3 domestic automakers going out of business.” Meanwhile Levin’s “staunch conservative” opponent state Rep. Jack Hoogendyk has the temerity to suggest that “What government has done to the auto industry in this state is broken both legs and perhaps one of its arms and now that they’re lying in a ditch, offered them a glass of water.” His prescription? “Government should cut their corporate taxes — which do not apply to money-losing companies such as the domestic carmakers — and set “right-to-work” laws that would weaken unions.” In all likelyhood neither these measures nor Senator Levin’s production of The Bachelor: Detroit will save the 40k jobs that appear threatened by Chrysler’s dire straights. But if Levin gets his way, the Sultans of Sebring are going to need (and get) plenty of time in makeup before Chrysler’s ready for the proverbial hottub. Guess who gets that bill?

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  • Speedlaw Speedlaw on Oct 21, 2008

    It is amazing how the folks who would most benefit from socialized health care and economic policies which include the worker, not the plutocrat are convinced by the Right that that they, the right, are their true friends. I recall W, last election, giving a speech to steelworkers in W.VA. They loved him. If any of them had read history or even took a cursory glance at the legislation his party consistently introduced, they would have lynched him and his retinue from the rafters of the Union Hall. Instead, he was "more relatable" than Kerry, and elected. No matter that he was also a son of extreme privilege. After eight years of W. the house is trashed from a huge party, the family car was taken out to a crappy neighborhood and stripped, "family friends" have been given the charge cards and run them up to the limit, and the bill collectors are coming around. Any commentary that the "dems will raise taxes" is just so much rubbish....oh, that's right, they will, if you are a millionaire.....Quick, hire Rush and Fox to propagandize the poor bastard driving his ten year old Civic to the job where he has not gotten a raise in five years because the company is threatening to outsource. Give that man a place to point his totally valid the only party that even notices his existence. Brilliant, and well planned out.

  • CarShark CarShark on Oct 21, 2008

    @speedlaw: I wouldn't be surprised if more people voted in Bush because of his stand on social issues, rather than the economy, which everyone thought was ok then. The Dems will raise taxes, though. They have to to fund the massive entitlement programs they'll be able to push through with their brand new supermajority. The pendulum of American politics has swung again. How long before we reject the neosocialists? Only time will tell.