Bailout Watch 113: WardsAuto Calls Bailout Providers Commie Bastards

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
bailout watch 113 wardsauto calls bailout providers commie bastards

Detroit’s movers and shakers have a chip on their shoulder larger than the Rock of Gibraltar. They feel besieged, besmirched and belittled by the feds and liberal elites. Of course, that was BEFORE the Beltway Boys lavished bailout bucks on Motown’s moaners to retool their factories to build better cars than their competitors. Detroit’s playing kissy-face with their former antagonists now, right? Wong. “Clearly, now that Washington is loaning Detroit auto makers $25 billion to begin repenting their evil ways, legislators will try to turn the fuel-economy screws tighter so they can limit the number of unhealthy vehicle choices General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are able to sell weak-willed consumers.” Well, duh! What part of CAFE doesn’t WardsAuto scribe Drew Winter not understand (other than, you know, the actual regulations)? The part where everyone does the same thing, apparently. “When I see pictures of them [Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius], I can’t tell them apart. It reminds me of Soviet-era central planning. Yes, all these cars further The State’s goals of reducing carbon emissions and consumption of foreign oil, but comrade, they look boring and not everyone can drive one… Forgive us for our decadent and unhealthy choices, oh wise members of the new Washington Automotive Politburo. Fast red convertibles and big utility vehicles are the opiate (or tobacco) of the people. But this still is America, where people should be allowed to buy what they want and auto makers should be allowed to make a few dollars off our human weakness. Pretend the profits are from something politicians like, such as casino gambling. This still is a capitalist society after all. At least, it still was at press time.” Wow.

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  • ChartreuseGoose ChartreuseGoose on Oct 09, 2008

    "We’re not talking about the right to drive old dilapidated cars. We’re talking about the right to drive a new SUV, truck or bicycle if we want to. And these pollute a lot less than old VW Beetles." I'm sorry, was that right infringed? Come to think of it, was that right ever actually a right? The downsides to using too much gas too quickly have become apparent to all but the totally insane or comatose in the past few months. Buy what you want, to the extent that you don't create unnecessary problems for me, and everyone else, at the same time. I was responding to the whining about the proposal to take old cars without adequate emissions controls off the road, in any case.

  • BuckD BuckD on Oct 09, 2008

    OK, so back to the article. Labeling every regulation or expenditure of tax dollars that you don't agree with as "Communist" is as simplistic and childish as calling your 5th grade principle "Hitler" because he told you to stop running in the hallway. It's like a variation of Godwin's law.

  • Netrun Netrun on Oct 09, 2008

    Drew Winter is a ninny. Seriously, the guy whines every issue about .. something .. that he claims is anti-Detroit 3. If he was any more a shill for the Detroit 3 his email address would include "rencen".

  • JuniorMint JuniorMint on Oct 09, 2008

    Can everyone stop screaming "commie" this and "comrade" that, please? My grandmother's in the other room, and you're scaring her. She's skittish about this sort of thing, since know...war. Thanks! -JM