Autoblog's Audi Mileage Marathon Blog Misses the Story Again!

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
autoblogs audi mileage marathon blog misses the story again

It’s cruel, I tell you, cruel! The moment Autoblog’s Sam Abuelsamid steps out of the office for an all-expenses-paid transcontinuental trek in a diesel Audi, green auto news hits the autoblosphere, rendering his journey something less than interesting. No wait, I mean, important. Or is it both? Anyway, in this case, Audi– the self same company that organized this non-event– have announced that they’re going to build an electric-powered version of their up! up! with people! minicar. “Last week at the Paris Motor Show, management board member Peter Schwarzenbauer reportedly confirmed that again to Britain’s AutoCar magazine.” And who covers this development, and leaves Mr. Abuelsamid’s Day 3 report off its AM Autoblog blogroll? Autobloggreen! When the guys back at the office ignore you on the third day of your story, you know you’ve been SITB. Hey Sam! How about blogging this bad boy for us? I mean if the highest average speed was 51mph, and you’re going from NYC to CA via Chicago, there’s still plenty of time left.

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  • EEGeek EEGeek on Oct 09, 2008

    I'm trying to understand why TTAC is concerned (a little obsessed, even?) about this relative non-event on ABG, and why it's even worth mentioning that the Day 3 blog entry was left off of the sometimes sporadic AB roundup of ABG stories. Are you perhaps just trying to poach some talent? I scan all three sites (among others) using RSS and read what I find interesting, and ignore what I don't. Perhaps there's some historic back-story that I'm missing, but why the fuss for what another site chooses to emphasize? Please don't take this as flaming - I'm genuinely mystified as to why this topic warrants so many posts. (FWIW, the only Audi of interest to me on the PR caravan is the one typically mentioned in passing and that is not currently slated for the US market, but which also happens to be getting the best mileage by far - the A3.)

  • Olddavid I do not know how to evaluate an automobile any longer. It seems all the selling points valued by the customer base are non-starters in my book. Two tons plus for this vehicle? $50,000 for a Dodge branded Alfa Romeo that cannot sell its heritage to American buyers anyway? Is there any compelling argument for a walk-in to be turned to a buyer by excitement alone? This does not have the ingredients to end well, and that grieves me as I have been a Chrysler fan since they had pushbuttons and slant sixes. Being an elderly me has been difficult lately as I have been a NIssan fan, too, since I first saw that odd Bluebird and we have seen their fortunes edging to free fall territory. What's next? My gramophone breaking?
  • SCE to AUX "maximize commonality on the assembly line"That's code for 'fewer options', which means the manual transmission is done for good. Less tooling, less training, fewer ECU code variants = lower cost and higher quality.I'm sure Ford's new quality guy agrees... or perhaps he thought of it.
  • Carrera Hmm..a Stelantis vehicle made in Italy. What can go wrong? I am sure it will be super reliable, particularly the first 3-4 years of production.
  • Kwik_Shift Manuals are great theft deterrents though. 😉Sad when they're disappearing from many makes.
  • Arthur Dailey Confession here. 2 of the previous generation Rogues in our family over the past 5 years. Saw some cost cutting between the 1st and the 2nd one. On the 'new' one there are no cubbies on the back of the front seats, the ignition is not lit, and there is a marked difference in the front seats. The first Rogue has the most comfortable seats I have experienced since the heyday of the PLCs. Despite sciatica could drive that Rogue for hours with no issues. The seats on the 2nd Rogue create discomfort after 30 minutes. And everyone in the family has noticed this.The first Rogue drove seamlessly. Quiet and comfortable on the highway. On both we have averaged just over 29 mpg. The 2nd Rogue needs to be warmed up and driven slowly if left out overnight in minus 30 (f) or -0 (c) weather, otherwise the engine just revs and the speed does not seem to increase. The dealer has been asked to look at this multiple times but each time they claim that there is no issue. It also has the worst Bluetooth interface I have experienced. Otherwise, based on size, cost, the Rogues were chosen over Toyota/Honda. Both were/are leased so not concerned about long term values/reliability. And the 'new' Rogue came standard with heated seats and blind spot warning, which the Toyota/Honda did not without going up a couple of packages.However we should have bought out the first Rogue when the lease ended. During the height of the pandemic, it could have easily been flipped for close to double the buyout cost.