You Can't Make This Shit Up

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  • Ellaguru Ellaguru on Sep 09, 2008

    I think my fueling rig would be engaged in the models a little longer.

  • HEATHROI HEATHROI on Sep 10, 2008

    excellent Ralf Schmacher shows up again "its really a long time even though its quite short" i wonder if he sounds as stupid in german as he does in english

  • Shaker Shaker on Sep 10, 2008

    What would have been a humorous comparison in the past (easily written in two sentences), has now become a lame two minutes of people's lives. All you need is some digitized "stock footage", a computer and a microphone. And those models are the human equivalent of "carbon fiber" clothes racks for the (usually) "poofty" designers...

  • Accs Accs on Sep 10, 2008

    HMmmmm Im personally insulted.. I just watched what was quite possibly.. the most boring piece of... tv that Ive ever seen, (besides most GM ads.) Im suing TTAC for forcing me to watch these flecks of skin and bones get compared to some of the best in motor racing.. On the other hand.. A M-B isnt as nice as they used to be. More like the tarted up scrawny anorexic trashy overpaid clothes whores / (whores in general) draped with window blinds and push up bras!