TTAC Photochop: Koenigsegg Sedan

Andrei Avarvarii
by Andrei Avarvarii
ttac photochop koenigsegg sedan

The Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg is no longer happy pleasing two people at a time. (That's occupants, not buyers.) Starting with 2011, a few dozen over-monied automobile collectors will be able to grab three of their best friends (or best wives, depending on culture) and give them a 220 mph ride in a Koenigsegg sedan. The Swedes report that the 700 bhp four-door is immediately identifiable as a Koenigsegg. Hmmm. All of the Swedish street kings weʼve seen so far have been mid-engined hypercars. So I set the photochop machine in motion keeping in mind I had to portrait a classic layout (as far as I know front-engines are the only solution for a four-seater these days) sports-sedan resembling its CC brothers. And all that trying to avoid a supercar-frankenstein-result (see the Spyker D12 as an example). As you can see, I've repositioned all of the air intakes and exhausts to feed that front engine, using shapes closely related to the CCX. The cabin disimulates the B-pillars behind the dark glass and uses a windshield as curved as the one found on the first Koenigseggs. The sporty mirrors, familiar lights and details should all help in bringing the new-comer closer to the family. At least it's not as ugly as the Panamera. Is it?

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  • RGS920 RGS920 on Sep 01, 2008

    That's a tough thing to do, making a super car into a sedan. The front looks great but the back of the car makes me queezy.

  • Chaparral Chaparral on Sep 01, 2008

    Koenigsegg is nuts enough to build a mid-engine sedan. Build it off the same platform and just stretch it.

  • Paykan GT Paykan GT on Sep 01, 2008

    There is one car that seats 'four' without the engine ahead, though it is a Nazi slot car.

  • Ron Ron on Sep 01, 2008's not working.