Sajeev's LeMons Update

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz

Race Day is rapidly approaching for TTAC’s foray into the 24hrs of LeMons. Not good. We have a 240Z body with a roll cage, most of a suspension and not much else. Granted the re-gasketed 2.8L short block met the high compression 2.4L cylinder head and there’s a blizzard of parts lying around, but the car just isn’t done. Hurricane Ike didn’t do us any favors, not to mention yours truly nearly broke his finger with a ball joint, a rusty control arm and a torquey air ratchet. So after the obligatory tetanus shot and mad props to the efficiency of “Urgent Care” centers sprinkled across the city, I found my way back to the drawing board. Namely, the Internet. I never thought a street-stock flywheel had the potential to be a race-ready part, but I was wrong. After coaxing my local mechanic (you want to do WHAT with my brake lathe?) I spent hours shaving 2+ pounds off the flywheel: its top hat shape gave way to something reminiscent of a lightweight, deep dish pizza pan. This right here is bang for the buck, and why you build a LeMons beater in the first place. Um, provided it’s ready to race.

Justin Berkowitz
Justin Berkowitz

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