By on May 4, 2014

MISC LEMONS 302 (Large)

We lost about 130 minutes due to fuel problems yesterday, but we aren’t out of the game entirely.

Our four-man driver team has been rotating pretty well. Noted controversialist and jazzman Bark M. started the race off for us and climbed the standings pretty well until he was sidelined with a problem that we eventually traced to the failure of both our BMW’s fuel pumps.

Once that was repaired, I sat in and set a 2:00.051 lap which made us the eighth fastest car at that point. Then we lost fuel pressure again. After that was fixed, I went back out and unlapped us on the lead car. In eighty minutes of driving, I didn’t have a single car get by me and hold the position. We might not have been the fastest car on track but we were close.

This morning, while your humble author overslept, our third driver, John, busted out a 1:58.7. So I guess I’d better get to the race and see what I can do :)

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9 Comments on “LeMons Update...”

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    Think you guys should get a Néon or something. Those high powered German cars don’t seem to like you too much.

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      Or how about a Metro or Festiva? Yeah that doesn’t sound like fun. You know more than I do about these underpowered “jewels”, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a 1st gen Dodge Neon.

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        Don’t know much about the Festiva and Metro, but the Fiesta has had many, many fun versions and generations. Always among the best driving supermini.

        I suggested the Neon ’cause I always liked Chrysler’s designs of the time and the Neon was a looker and a good size, too. Drove it just once, in city traffic and was ok in that. Have no idea what they were like on the road, but from what I can surmise from the internet is that it seems most enjoyed it (in spite of the iffy transmissions). In my short drive, it seemed that that was its low point.

        Anyways I suggested one as Jack has mentioned he raced in one and was very successful with it.

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    Felis Concolor

    In-tank and high pressure pump both took a dump? Damn, sounds like the failure cascade endemic to early L-body turbocars. Swap those Mikunis for Bosch units!

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    I have been anticipating some more TTAC Lemons coverage since the last debacle. Good luck out there. Win or lose, I’m sure it will be an amusing story.

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    Is Murilee there? There could be potential for major good times.

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    Don’t break the car trying to eek out that last tenth of a second! Or do – maybe it’s worth it for bragging rights. It looks like the car behind you says “sick of breaking”. Gotta love the LeMons posts!

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    Maybe you’re driving the wrong German cars. Maybe you need that other brand, the one they do’nt make anymore, with the name that begins with T. I hear they’re very light, and have a little, easy to fix engine.

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