Rush Limbaugh's GM Pimpatorial

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
rush limbaughs gm pimpatorial

“Meanwhile, American business is taking seriously your concern about the cost of gasoline. General Motors is one of our sponsors. We are proud and honored that they are a sponsor of this program.

Everybody’s out there flapping their gums — Thomas Friedman, all these other people who don’t know what they’re talking about. General Motors is doing things, designing terrific cars, crossovers, trucks, SUVs, that use alternative fuels, different ways to power their vehicles. They even have the Escalade hybrid out there now to go along with the Tahoe hybrid, and they’re working on all kinds of different technologies that will help you use less gasoline. One of the alternatives they’re using is flex-fuel cars that use biofuels like ethanol if you want them, and they’re making them if you want them. They have four million of these flex-fuel vehicles on the road, across the globe, and they’re committed to building even more. GM has more modeled that are capable of running on E85 ethanol than any other manufacturer. The Buick Lucerne — that’s the one we’re getting next to tool around here — is one of the cars running on E85. General Motors, they respond to your concerns. They don’t tell you you’re stupid. You can see all their cars at “

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  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Sep 05, 2008

    I am still amazed by people who think raising taxes on the rich or corporations will help the poor. It will not, unless they are so destitute that they need assistance to eat. (A function that almost always is covered by charities whenever the government stops interfering). Most jobs in this country are created by small businesses. These are the jobs most likely to be had by anyone, and especially by the low skilled folks. Most of these businesses are owned by a single person who files the businesses taxes and their own on the same return (mine was over an inch thick for 2006 but that's another rant). If you raise taxes on either the owner or the business, there is less money to be spent for payroll or anything else. As a business, less employees are hired, less equipment is bought from other companies, and many companies are switched from growing profitably to cost cutting for survival. Most successful owners don't actually pay themselves a whole lot, they roll it back into the business. Even if the business was so highly profitable that the owner simply shrugs off the reduced profits, there are ugly consequences. Money out of the owners, and from any high wage earners, means that there are spending cuts at their homes. Contractors will not be called for renovations and expansions. Upgrades will not be had for furniture and cars. Steak and lobster will not be served to friends at a dinner party. "Good!" screams the liberal populist. "They didn't need all that stuff anyway. They need to learn how the other half lives." The only problem is now the "other half" is out of a job because the contractor wasn't called, he let the carpenter, plumber, and mason stay home. Since the furniture and cars were not bought, the salesmen, the delivery team, and others stayed home. And, all the folks from the rancher and fisherman to the caterer and in between also didn't earn anything. Raising taxes will not help the lower or middle classes, even if they get a cut at the expense of the high earners. (Note I did not say rich. Only an idiot thinks that anyone making over a quarter a year is a millionaire. I'm looking at you Gore and Obama).

  • Cleek Cleek on Sep 05, 2008

    why does everything have to become a leftist rant courtesy of the perennially indignant? back on topic. A still photo of a famous(or notorious) grinning mug next to the product just doesn't seem to cut it any more. Does anyone have any more insight into the shift in GM's advertstrategy? Can any marketeers chime in on what mkt research supports this "submarine" messaging scheme? And is there any data on the relative success of these strategies? Is our life going to become one big "Truman Show"

  • Shiney Shiney on Sep 05, 2008

    Funny, it always seems to me that its the right that leads with its emotions, leaping to the most simplistic conclusion with the least depth of thought, ignoring any evidence that may conflict with their underlying ideology. That said, Rush is a lying hypocrite and junkie, whose only real devotions are money and attention. He doesn't interview, he scolds, and he would quickly become an outspoken liberal if he thought it would keep his ratings up. Any affiliation he has with GM is yet one more reason to buy from Ford.

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Sep 05, 2008

    "Funny, it always seems to me that its the right that leads with its emotions, leaping to the most simplistic conclusion with the least depth of thought, ignoring any evidence that may conflict with their underlying ideology." I would say that most of that sentiment is shared by many of both sides about the other. Alternately though, the right is usually accused of having no emotions, or at least not any good ones. It's completely natural to self reinforce one's ideology and world view with almost all new information. Given a hundred news stories, both sides will somehow see proof of their beliefs in 80 of them.