Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity Are GM's Bitch

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
rush limbaugh and sean hannity are gms bitch

Back in August of last year, consumer advocate Ralph Nader sent an open letter to the FCC questioning GM's relationship to conservative radio and TV talk show hosts. At the time, GM said it didn't pay cash money to these pundits for favorable mentions; it simply provided free test cars and facility tours (all expenses-paid, presumably). Oh, and advertising. Lots and lots of advertising. Nader correctly pointed-out that "Section 47 U.S.C. § 317, requires broadcasters to disclose to their listeners or viewers if matter has been aired in exchange for money, services or other valuable consideration. Section 47 U.S.C. § 508, requires that, when anyone provides or promises to provide money, services or other consideration to someone to include program matter in a broadcast, that fact must be disclosed in advance of the broadcast, ultimately to the station over which the matter is to be aired." Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh talked-up his forthcoming free ride, the Saturn Astra. Apparently, it's "the most popular executive car in Europe." Rush gushed "We love GM." Last night, one of Sean Hannity's liberal guests (Fox's Hannity & Colmes) was touting the value of green technology (as opposed to drilling for oil) in America's quest for energy independence. "I know about new technology. I'm driving a Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid" Hannity said. It's high time the FCC put an end to this craven commercialization. Or, to call it by its real name, payola.

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  • on Jun 17, 2008
    The real problem is listening to talk radio - left or right. That is actually the real problem. The fools that never educate themselves. It is quite amazing that the founding fathers understood the nature of humanity so well and the spoiled people of today that would so willingly give that freedoom away.

  • Russell Russell on Jun 18, 2008

    Robert Farago, your post of them being GM's Bitch is very course and uninformed. Limbaugh, Hannity, Prager, and others pitch others products like Allen Brother's Steak, Sleep Number Bed, and many other products. They talk about and give away these products all the time over the air. This is a common practice. It is understood that they are being paid to do these. I am sure GM and Allen Brothers don't do advertisement with theses hosts for free. It's so obvious I can't believe this has to be stated. Robert Farago, with all due respect, I think you got suckered into Ralph Nader's vent. Limbaugh has 20 million listeners Hannity has 15 million listeners. And others... America haters, you neo-communist know-nothing environmental wacko tree hugging smug-laden useful idiots... You wish you had Rush's or Hannity's audiences. Liberalism is a child of fascism and sibling of communism that has failed and discredited during last 70 years. Liberals who fought against American soldier and waged propaganda against Vietnam wars... you are responsible for millions people dying after Vietnam war in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam's current GDP of $3,000 of lost opportunities, education, health, and happiness. Compare Korea and Taiwan to Vietnam. John F-ing Kerry and your ilks are responsible for the current state of Vietnam. 70s Anti-war activists are responsible for the spread of communism. You guys never take responsibility for your damaging ideas like Ethanol, Welfare, pyramid scheme Social Security, New deal, Great society, ect... Liberals have been pushing for communist ideas for years. Old days they were shamed. Now, they are proud Marxists pushing Obama to the ticket, a latest Marxist. Liberals always side with enemies of the USA and freedom. They side with terrorists, communists, and dictators all the time. From the days of Rosenbergs to Today's Jim Mcdermott, they will always side with enemies of USA. I don't think they actually met America's enemies that they didn't like. These know-nothings keep pushing and shoving same idiotic agendas to rest of us. Today's liberals are the likes of 1870s know-nothing populist with the communist twist to it. They are destructive. Look at the USA cities and states where damage is the greatest. They are all run by liberals, Michigan, California, ect... Then they move to Texas and Florida, states they use to hate, and want mess up these states, too. Talk Radio is today's town hall. No where in the broadcast media today such deep and in depth discussion are held. On TV, like CNN, you have 1 to 3 minute sound bites. That's it. They are repeated over and over. The real problem with liberals are not listening to anything other than watching the TV for 1 to 3 minute sound bites. Real problem is that they are products of know-nothing culture that USA has developed during last 30 to 40 years, a product of 60s, a stupidest generation... opposite of greatest generation of 1910~1940s. The real problem is that people don't grasp the social science of economics and history. There are lots of Jay Walkers out there. Liberalism has created lots of softies. It's very destructive.

  • Chalmers Chalmers on Jun 18, 2008

    Am I cynical for thinking that more and more polarizing posts on TTAC are done for a reason? anyway, no problem from my point of view, but it is really amazing to me the vitriol that some commenters start spewing as soon as one of their BFF is criticized. Didn't TTAC just run a story about Al Sharpton? Not that this conclusively proves lack of bias, but I don't think anyone is treated with velvet gloves here. Just because someone hates Nader, doesn't mean that Nader doesn't have some good points. Same goes for Rush or Hannity or whomever...Open your brains people

  • Jason Jason on Jun 18, 2008

    I'm not a Hannity listener normally, but I've heard heard him pitch how great GM cars are, and American cars in general. That's what his jingoistic, faux-patriotic audience wants to hear. He says American cars are the best cars in the world. And yes they sponsor his events, too. He has mentioned that on the few occasions I've heard him talk about cars. He also is a huge proponent of the free market, he says to let the market dictates what's good and what isn't. Well, based on sales numbers, price of new cars, and the piss-poor resale value of American cars, the free market says the big 2.8 sucks. Ah, but you won't hear him telling THAT to his listeners.