Tahoe-gate? Did Rush Limbaugh "Buy" Caller GM SUV?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
tahoe gate did rush limbaugh buy caller gm suv

So conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is a big “friend” of GM’s. Thanks to pressure from Ralph Nader’s org on the FCC, El Rushbo decided it was in his own best interest to stop slipping mentions of GM products into his dietribes [sic]. These days, the segments promoting the General’s vehicles are separated from the main program- ish. But the question of conflict of interest rears its ugly head once more, as Limbaugh claims that he bought a listener a Chevy Tahoe, Elvis-style. According to the headline at rushlimbaugh.com, “It’s Official: Rush Buys Chevy Tahoe for Kerrville, Texas Caller.” Yada yada yada Zicam (don’t ask) go get a car on me. The transcript leads me to believe that the whole deal is a lightly-disguised marketing stunt– and contains some awesome unintentional humor: “She said, ‘I’ll pick one that I would normally buy.’ I said, ‘No, pick what you want. As long as it’s a GM car, pick what you want.’ So she finally picked a green Chevy Tahoe. She picked a green Chevy Tahoe. I don’t think it’s a hybrid. I’m not sure if she got the hybrid or not, but I do know that she drove off the lot with it yesterday. She and her husband have a brand-new green Chevy Tahoe, and the Kerrville, Texas, paper had been running stories on this. It’s the cutest thing. It is just the cutest thing. So they were just… They didn’t believe it.” The question is, do we believe that Rush paid for this out of his own pocket? Make the jump to read the rest of undeclared pimpatorial.

“They were ecstatic, and the dealership let ’em have the car before the wire had arrived. The dealership said, ‘Oh, we heard this. We heard about this, and we know if anybody’s good for it, old Rush is.’ (laughing) In these credit times, they let the woman and her husband drive off with the Chevy Tahoe before my payment had arrived in the wire transfer. Now, that is credit. That, ladies and gentlemen, is credit. And we’re not far away from the Chevy Volt that’s due to roll out in 2010. It’s a glimpse of what’s to come. It’s going to change the way people drive their cars. It’s a reinvention of the automobile. You plug it into your normal outlet in your garage and charge it up. It’s eagerly anticipated by a lot of people.” [thanks to JT for the link]

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  • AG AG on Nov 06, 2008

    1. At this point, Chevy Tahoes are the only currency GM has left with which to pay people! 2. I'll admit, I drive a Honda Civic, which I love, but I've ridden in a Chevy Tahoe, and its just so cushy its amazing. With gas this low, and websites that let you lock in gas prices at these levels into the future, I'd have no problem with one. Heck, I wouldn't even mind a Yukon XL. 3. Jim Rome beats Rush Limbaugh any day.

  • AJ AJ on Nov 06, 2008

    I work in publishing, and although we try not to let advertisers dictate editorial, advertising is what pays the bills and our paychecks (as well as keeps our printers in business). We do our best but it is tough to draw that line. As long as whatever it is has advertisements, it's going to be up to the consumer to be educated enough to what is sound advice and what is just promoting the sale of a product (good or bad). P.S. If Rush wants to give away a Camaro, I'm right here! ;)

  • Hugh I have no trouble believing they exaggerated somewhat, but I also figure they were factoring in the cost of the research and engineering. I am just disappointed at how they abandoned their own product (again).
  • TheEndlessEnigma Mustang, MX-5
  • Probert I have used both level one and level 2 charging at my house. I use this for local needs. I have a fairly regular 350 mile round trip. I charge after about 125 miles one way, at a level 3 at a KIA dealer. I could do it in a straight shot, but this leaves me plenty of reserve if I need it in the city.I charge at the same place on the way out, adding about 40%, and I'm home free.A number of chargers have opened since I got the Niro 2 years ago, so I have a fair amount of flexibility on this route. I have used EA chargers on the route, and also a handy, and friendly Harley dealer charger.
  • Dan65708323 I think Ford it going to go under. They can't lose 3 billion ever year for years. All their EV's are on stop sales. Good luck Ford.
  • Kcflyer LC 500