Question of the Day: Bought Any New Cars Lately?

question of the day bought any new cars lately

From time to time, even those of us on the inside of TTAC forget that one of our primary missions to help you make smart, informed purchases. Some of you might remember my friend who was torn between a slightly used Honda Accord and a slightly more used Infiniti G35 (she would up with a brand new Mazda 3 thanks largely to our 10 Best list). However, she ain’t a TTAC reader. You are. But, in addition to TTAC, you probably read other stuff. Like maybe a newspaper. And that newspaper might have informed you that thanks to Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and AIG getting so smacked by the sub-prime mess that your 401K is now puny and sad. I know that’s what happened to me. However, I also know that lots of good folks are desperate to get out of their big ole SUVs and into cars that suck a little less gasoline. I know it ain’t news (or is it?) but times are tough. Personally, I was pretty desperate to get my girl out of her rapidly dying 2001 Ford Focus and into a brand new Mazda Miata. But then I fixed her cooling system and we’ve decided to wait until the Focus kills itself. I give it 18-months. But what about you? Bought anything new lately? And if you have, has TTAC (or someone else) helped you make that decision?

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  • Beken Beken on Sep 18, 2008

    Interesting, that our 1999 Buick Century started to implode right about the time the GM death watch series hit full stride. Having bought a MINI as a commuter car a few years back, my eyes were opened as to how other car companies treat their customers (much better) so I have left the GM fold and bought a lease returned BMW 525i. Bonus is it gets better mileage than the Buick albiet with premium. The cost of the car was less than what I was spending on repairs on the Buick, so it made perfect sense.

  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on Sep 18, 2008

    We're keeping our 2008 Baby Mobile/Autocross Scalpel (Civic SI Sedan) we got in the spring. I sold my Porsche Turbo and BMW Z4 and purchased a house. I plan on picking up a used 02-03 S2000 (9000 rpm but with the glass rear window + good stereo) and supercharging it come spring. No new cars anytime soon for us. Who has the money for that right now? My IRA makes me sad (but I'm dollar cost averaging every two weeks from my paycheck so I'll be happy when the market bounces back).

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Sep 18, 2008

    Nope. Got 40K and 50K to go on the old cars before we go car shopping unless either are doing well and which case we'll keep driving them. Target mileage is 200K miles. Previous Honda Accord ('87) was still doing fine at 325K miles so who knows we might just keep dirivng the CR-V. '97 VW Cabrio is doing okay but it's going to be a task to keep it from getting ugly. Going to need paint and some door panel work (peeling back at the top). Electricals and mechanicals are good though. We've decided to concentrate on debt (mortgage and student loans). Current economy reminds us that we'd realy like to be mortgage free so if the whole economy slide off the table we'd still have our house if not our jobs.

  • Detlef Detlef on Sep 18, 2008

    My fiancee and I bought her an '08 Outback in March to replace her Camry, which was claimed by record snowfall in Wisconsin. We went with the naturally-aspirated engine with an eye toward fuel prices (a good decision in retrospect). My Volvo 850 Turbo has been relegated to a part-time role, partially because of the free mass transit I enjoy, and partially because I don't feel like paying for premium fuel. If it was running poorly I might not care so much, but with nearly 300k miles and no problems since I replaced the fuel pump 50k ago, I'd like to keep it nice. No telling when I'll be able to replace it.