Daily Podcast Lieberman Edition: I Hate Teaser Photos

daily podcast lieberman edition i hate teaser photos

The Citroen GT, new Lamborghini, BMW X1, and Ford Mustang have all been “featured” in a series of teaser photos and videos over at some “other” automotive websites. They show nothing. A wheel, part of a bumper, a section of a taillight. The goal is to get the car into the news and readers’ minds, and it’s successful from a PR standpoint at doing that. But it’s also successful at pissing me off. The teasers don’t really give an indication of what a car is going to look like, which leads me to find them completely useless. I’d blame the manufacturers, but since they all do it, that’s totally futile. Rest assured, however, that when all these cars make their proper and full debuts, we’ll have pictures for you – including many shots from the Paris auto show, which begins in just a few days, thanks to our European correspondent Martin Schwoerer.

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  • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on Sep 30, 2008

    Nice burn of the Slant Six. I would have said four horsepower, myself. And, because it's reliable, you'd be stuck with that engine for twenty years.

  • JJ JJ on Oct 01, 2008
    JJ: That’s incorrect. Hydrogen isn’t very volatile. In fact, it’s the most common element in the universe. And for more than a century hydrogen has had lots and lots of industrial uses. In fact, there’s probably a hydrogen pipeline running under the street of your nearest medium to large sized city. It’s just a gas. Hmm...I could be mistaken or maybe volatile is the wrong word (when it gets technical my lack of knowledge of technical terms in english shows sometimes). What I was getting at though; for use in cars, ideally you want the hydrogen to be in liquid form in the tank(s). However, for that to happen, it has to be in a very cold and or highly pressurized environment, because otherwise it will turn into gas, and will be able to 'leak away' + the volume would be a problem for driving range. So you need to find a practical and energy efficient way to pressurize or cool the tank. Also, although Hydrogen (the atom) might be the most common in the universe, pure H2 (the molecule, ie the gas in normal earthly circumstances) is really not that common at all on earth, but makes up just .00005% of the air in the earth's atmosphere. Obviously, that's because H atoms very easily react with other compounds, which means most of them are tied-up in carbonhydrates, water, etc. In stars, including the sun, the energy is created by a proces of nuclear fusion in which the Hydrogen is transformed into Helium (if my memory doesn't fail me), so that's why in the universe, there are large amounts of pure hydrogen. So, you just need to find a way to get it here on the cheap, and you'll be able to buy that Pontiac G8 GT....And a Wally yacht.

  • Stacymacklin Stacymacklin on Oct 02, 2008

    I noticed you guys dont do spy shots. Thats wat everyone else is saying anyways.

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Oct 03, 2008

    Concept cars. They get my goat. Would rather have a load of batteries in my car than a tank of hydrogen. Espeically since it'll be supplied by big oil. Want less of them in my life and budget. I think hydrogen is just a distraction device that GM has enjoyed using since the concept cars of the 60's.